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Gufic Biosciences Limited Q1 FY23 Earnings Conference Call Insights

Key highlights from Gufic Biosciences Limited (GUFICBIO) Q1 FY23 Earnings Concall

Q&A Highlights:

  • Girish Gulati asked about pancreatic cancer update and is the company trying to target any hospitals. Pranav Chokshi CEO answered that GUFICBIO is currently following certain animal models as per the regulatory pathway. The company is looking at, at least some time off till it start the human trials in India.
  • Rajat Setiya with ithought PMS asked about the INR3,000 crore market of dual chamber and the conventional vials.  Pranav Chokshi CEO replied that the entire INR3,000 crores market is conventional vial only. GUFICBIO is the first one to come to dual chamber and then will be taking the market share from this.
  • Rajat Setiya with ithought PMS asked about the revenue potential from dual chamber in next two years and if there will more variants of this product. Pranav Chokshi CEO answered that anything that can be done intravenously can be done in this product from 50 mg to 5 gms. Overall, the target of minimum 15-20% YoY revenue jump will be coming and this product will be playing a big role.
  • Rajat Setiya with ithought PMS asked if the company is seeing any more people entering dual chamber bag in the immediate future. Pranav Chokshi CEO clarified that as of now GIFUCBIO is not seeing anyone entering. For the company it took 4 years to get it done. So for next 2 years, GIFICBIO is not seeing a competition.
  • Pujan Shah of Congruence asked about dydrogesterone and why GUFICBIO is only targeting INR20 crore of INR700 crore market. Pranav Chokshi CEO said two years ago the market was only of 1-2 players. Now there are 3-4 players and it’s a complex product to work on.
  • Pujan Shah of Congruence asked about the percentage wise breakup of domestic business and total revenue. Pranav Chokshi CEO replied that the domestic business is always around 50%, 55% of the company’s total revenue.
  • Ankit Minocha from MRLR Capital enquired if the EBITDA margin of 20% sustainable for the coming year. Devkinandan Roonghta CFO answered that the company feels that looking to the current business scenario, it will be able to maintain the EBITDA margin for this year at least 20% and it can go up to 21% also, depending upon the product mix and prices in the international market of the API prices.

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