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Black Rose Industries Q1 FY23 Earnings Conference Call Insights

Key highlights from Black Rose Industries (BLACKROSE) Q1 FY23 Earnings Concall

 Q&A Highlights:

  • Yog Rajani asked if the traders are still importing from China or getting via existing supply sold in the current market. Anup Jatia ED replied that largely traders are not importing fresh cargo, but they are liquidating their stocks in the domestic market based on new price offers coming in from China.
  • Naga Brahma asked if acrylamide liquid is the RM to manufacture NAM and polycarboxylate and how much liquid is required to make 1K of these products. Anup Jatia ED replied that NMA is made from acrylamide. For polycarboxylate, acrylamide is not RM, it’s made of acrylic acid typically.
  • Naga Brahma asked about the acrylamide capacity expansion. Anup Jatia ED said if BLACKROSE’s capacities are fully utilized, then the company will increase its manufacturing capacity of acrylamide, which can be increased by 60,000 metric tons.
  • Naga Brahma asked about the current plant utilization of acrylamide solid as on date. Anup Jatia ED said the approximate sale of acrylamide powder is INR20 crore. The Chinese dumping is going to affect the volumes sold in the domestic market. BLACKROSE is not currently offering acrylamide in Indian domestic market.
  • Naga Brahma asked if there is any other product the company can manufacture from the acrylamide family of product other than what’s already started. Anup Jatia ED clarified that there are products that can be made further. One is the polyacrylamide emulsions for which there is a huge market in India used in textile printing industry.
  • Naga Brahma asked that on the EU reach registration part, what investments the company has made and when is the approval expected. Anup Jatia ED answered that the investment made is about INR40-45 lakhs. BLACKROSE already has some clients in EU for a long time that are waiting for this.

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