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Shilpa Medicare Ltd Q1 FY23 Earnings Conference Call Insights

Key highlights from Shilpa Medicare Ltd (SHILPAMED) Q1 FY23 Earnings Concall

Q&A Highlights:

  • Vineet Gala of Monarch Networth asked about the timeline and the monetization of recombinant albumin. Vishnukant Bhutada MD answered that the company has received the Phase 1 clearance to carry out the study from govt. SHILPAMED should start the albumin trial by this year end and should be able to complete in nine months.
  • Vineet Gala of Monarch Networth asked if the product is stabilized at a certain quantity. Vishnukant Bhutada MD said that around 200ltr to 1 kl the company has shifted the product and are able to scale the recombinant albumin.
  • Rohan of ICICI asked about the sequential decline in the onco API and if there was some seasonality of revenues deferred to 2Q. Vishnukant Bhutada MD answered that onco API there is no such seasonality. SHILPAMED said that in the overall API industry lot of people have taken the material in stock. SHILPA’s 1Q every year is normally seasonal.
  • Rohan of ICICI enquired about the outlook on the CRAMS business and if there is any inventory in the books that’s at the risk of write-off. Vishnukant Bhutada MD said there is no inventory the company is holding on in its books. SHILPAMED’s CRAMS business is continuing but it is slowly coming down and SHILPAMED is managing inventory based on requirements.
  • Rohan of ICICI asked about the delayed offtake for biologics revenue and a broad timeframe to utilize the cost invested in the plant. Alpesh Dalal CFO replied that some of company products have got delayed and it may take some time, in the increment, SHILPAMED is trying to look for more of CMO CDMO kind of opportunities to utilize facilities better.
  • Rohan of ICICI asked that on the capex front, what’s the capex the company is incurring in FY23. Vishnukant Bhutada MD replied that the only major one that is required is on the albumin side. Apart from that, for other investments, for the formulation and biologics no major capex is expected and for API, the company keeps expanding its capacity based on the need. On avg. SHILPAMED end up doing between INR40-50 crore investment in API.
  • Rohan of ICICI asked the reason for GM pressure in 1Q23 and if it will be reversed in coming quarters. Vishnukant Bhutada MD replied that during 1Q23, the company had a double impact where some of the key products were under pricing pressure and also cost of some of company’s other products increased. It might recover over a period of time but not immediately.

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