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JB Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Limited Q2 FY23 Earnings Conference Call Insights

Key highlights from JB Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Limited (JBCHEPHARM) Q2 FY23 Earnings Concall

Management Update:

  • [00:06:28] JBCHEPHARM said that in domestic markets it seeks to make its key brands stronger with a focus on building brand franchise in terms of market share and higher prescriptions. The company expects its domestic business to continue to outperform the market growth.

Q&A Highlights:

  • [00:12:53] Rahul Jeewani of IIFL Securities asked that in Sporlac, if the liquid probiotics is launched in the domestic market. Nikhil Chopra CEO said the company has launched a couple of formulations, a sachet version in the form of Sporlac GG. One or two more versions of Sporlac will be launched in the field of gastroenterology and women healthcare.
  • [00:16:30] Rahul Jeewani of IIFL Securities also asked that given the strong growth in Azmarda, if the high base will become a headwind going into next year for Azmarda growth. Kunal Khanna President said that given the overall potential, even if there is some price erosion, volumes will be able to neutralize a good part of price erosion. And from a margin standpoint, the company will still be at a better position despite the price erosion, due to local sourcing options.
  • [00:18:10] Rahul Jeewani of IIFL Securities asked about the growth in the CMO business going forward. Nikhil Chopra CEO said that in CMO business, what the company scored a century in 1Q, same happened in 2Q. JBCHEPHARM is placed in a sweet spot in terms of order book for 3Q and 4Q. CMO is being looked at from a long term perspective.
  • [00:19:38] Rahul Jeewani of IIFL Securities also asked if there were any new clients in the CMO business and any new product launches. Nikhil Chopra CEO replied that with existing partners, JBCHEPHARM has added a couple of products. However, no new partners were added.
  • [00:20:21] Rashmi Sancheti from Dolat Capital enquired that on the strong order book, if the company will upgrade its guidance of CMO for the entire year from 15%. Nikhil Chopra CEO said that growth will be higher vs. what the company has guided.
  • [00:23:15] Abdulkader Puranwala of Elara asked about the performance of the base brand of Cilacar and Rantac and what’s driving its growth. Nikhil Chopra CEO replied that Cilacar, Nicardia grew at mid teens and it was in line with what was planned.
  • [00:23:25] Abdulkader Puranwala of Elara also asked about MR productivity considering a bit of MR additions post the previous acquisitions. Nikhil Chopra CEO said that by the end of FY23, MR productivity should be INR4 -6.5 lakh.
  • [00:25:40] Abdulkader Puranwala of Elara enquired that on the quarterly run rate of INR110 crores in CDMO, what’s the capacity that’s underutilized. Nikhil Chopra CEO answered that from a capacity standpoint, JBCHEPHARM can go up almost 70-80% growth than what’s currently manufactured.
  • [00:28:15] Sriraam Rathi with BNP Paribas asked about the constant currency growth in exports business in 2Q23 and which markets did better. Lakshay Kataria CFO said that JBCHEPHARM saw some gains, maybe about 5-6 points being shaved off on currency gains and balance largely coming from the volume side.
  • [00:35:58] Shrikant Akolkar from AMSEC enquired about the opportunity size for the IVF business in India. Kunal Khanna President answered that the IVF overall it runs into close to INR1,200-1,400 crore plus.
  • [00:38:09] Cyndrella Carvalho from JM Financial asked about the outlook domestically, in terms of seasonality in the overall portfolio. Nikhil Chopra CEO replied that 4Q will be a bit soft but 3Q will be in line with the current performance.
  • [00:39:11]  Cyndrella Carvalho from JM Financial asked about topline growth over a 2-3 years time. Nikhil Chopra CEO said the aspiration is to grow mid-teens top line and profit should grow better than the top line. So 14-16% top line, 16-18% bottom line.
  • [00:46:28] Sonal Gupta from L&T Mutual asked about the MR headcount number. Kunal Khanna President said the actual frontline sales force is 2,100; 1,600 for JB, and around 300 for Sanzyme and 200 for Azmarda.
  • [00:53:49] Rajat Setiya of iThought PMS asked about the domestic business numbers without acquisitions. Kunal Khanna President said that the contribution of organic versus inorganic acquisitions, the acquired portfolio runs into close to INR82-84 crores.

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