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A look into the Jivanjor Business of Jubilant Industries

Jubilant Industries Ltd., a renowned Indian conglomerate, operates across various sectors, including agri-products, performance polymers, and life sciences. Within its diversified portfolio, the JivanJor adhesive business stands out as a significant segment. This analysis focuses on Jubilant Industries Ltd.’s JivanJor adhesive business, examining its product range, market position, growth prospects, and contributions to the overall performance of the company.

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*As of 05.06.2023

Product Portfolio:

JivanJor offers a comprehensive range of adhesives catering to multiple industries and applications. The product portfolio includes:

  • Industrial Adhesives: JivanJor supplies industrial adhesives for sectors such as automotive, construction, packaging, and electronics. These adhesives provide strong bonding solutions for various substrates and are designed to meet specific industry requirements.
  • Woodworking Adhesives: The company offers a range of woodworking adhesives for furniture manufacturers, carpenters, and interior designers. These adhesives provide reliable bonding for wood-based materials, including plywood, particleboard, and MDF (medium-density fiberboard).
  • Consumer Adhesives: JivanJor produces consumer adhesives for household applications such as general repairs, DIY projects, and arts and crafts. The product range includes instant adhesives, epoxy adhesives, and specialty adhesives for different consumer needs.

Market Position:

JivanJor has established a strong market position in the adhesive industry, serving diverse sectors and meeting a wide range of customer requirements. The company’s commitment to quality, product innovation, and customer satisfaction has helped it gain recognition and trust in the market. JivanJor’s adhesives are widely distributed through a network of distributors, dealers, and retailers, ensuring broad market coverage and accessibility.

Growth Prospects:

  • Growing Demand in Construction and Automotive Industries: The construction and automotive sectors are significant contributors to the demand for adhesives. As these industries continue to grow, there are ample opportunities for JivanJor to expand its customer base and provide specialized adhesive solutions tailored to their specific needs.
  • Technological Advancements and Customization: JivanJor focuses on research and development to stay at the forefront of adhesive technology. By investing in innovation and customization, the company can cater to evolving market demands, develop specialty adhesives, and offer unique solutions that provide a competitive edge.
  • Increasing Awareness of Sustainable Adhesives: With rising environmental concerns, there is a growing demand for eco-friendly and sustainable adhesive solutions. JivanJor can capitalize on this trend by developing and promoting adhesive products with reduced environmental impact, such as water-based adhesives and low VOC (volatile organic compounds) formulations.
  • Contribution to Jubilant Industries Ltd.’s Performance: The performance of JivanJor’s adhesive business significantly contributes to Jubilant Industries Ltd.’s overall financial performance. The revenue generated by the adhesive segment directly impacts the company’s financial statements. By maintaining a strong market position and expanding its product offerings, JivanJor enhances Jubilant Industries Ltd.’s presence in the adhesive industry, diversifying its revenue streams and reducing reliance on other business segments.

Financial Performance of Jubilant Industries in Q4FY23:

The company has seen a drastic increase in profitability as it is evident from the chart below.

The increase in profits are all the more surprising as the growth in total income is not at par with the rise in profitability suggesting that the profits margins have seen a meteoric rise.


JivanJor, the adhesive business of Jubilant Industries Ltd., plays a vital role within the company’s diverse portfolio. With its extensive range of adhesives serving industrial, woodworking, and consumer applications, JivanJor has established a strong market position. The business segment’s growth prospects are driven by the increasing demand in key industries, technological advancements, and the adoption of sustainable adhesive solutions. The performance of JivanJor’s adhesive  business significantly contributes to Jubilant Industries Ltd.’s overall financial performance, strengthening its market presence and revenue diversification.

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