China Telecom Corp Ltd (NYSE:CHA) Q2 2020 Earnings Conference Call - Preliminary Transcript

Aug 18, 2020 • 12:30 am ET


China Telecom Corp Ltd (NYSE:CHA) Q2 2020 Earnings Conference Call - Preliminary Transcript


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Mr. Ke Ruiwen

games and where we are live broadcast content introduced. To be use cases continue to flourish, we have over 1100 benchmark industry 5G projects covering eight key industries and over 300 use cases and outstanding results, particularly in industrial internet new media and smart health care and where we see it by enterprise customers.

We continued to innovate 5G to see products and optimize to membership scheme of 5G plus privileges plus applications and expanded the portfolio of relevant applications to enhance user experience. We also strengthened handset operation to further a (niche) market demand in facility scale determined, on to be we combined cloud Big Data, IOT, AI and other emerging information technologies to launch various innovative business models to match customers digitalization upgrade demand.

We established extensive ecological cooperation systems for 5G business innovation and cooperation in joint development of which applications and content. We persisted building and sharing in that will build out as at the end of June, we had nearly 210,000, 5 GBDS in use, we contiguous coverage in over key cities. We will continue to extend (compute and Co share)to lower network construction and maintenance costs. We persistent SAS the target network architecture and 5G SAS the best practice of cloud network integration.

Our industry-leading technological achievements include 200 megahertz bandwith, 5G commercial network with peak speed at 2.7 GBPS, offering leading user experience in 5G speed. Accelerated the construction of a nationwide SA network for commercial use that the development and release of 5G SA implementation guidelines, globally, et cetera. We continue to expense smartphone new product and service portfolio in achieved strong business growth with ease of XT, Smart family applications and service revenue grew by 16.9% in the 131% respectively.

These businesses integrated with and mutually promoted the proppant business powerful new feeling the stabilization and even rebound of broadband revenue which achieved turnaround in the first half of 2020 in the achieved YoY growth. The rapid development of smart family market effectively facilitated the value restoration of broadband subs. In the first half, propane excess ARPU increased 4.6% HoH. While Broadband blended ARPU increased 8.1% HoH, and back to the scene therefore, as the first half of 2019.

Demonstrating remarkably increase in value contribution by Smart family. We promoted robust development of industrial digitalization by leveraging unique cloud network integration edge. We focus on new technologies such as 5G Cloud, IoT, AI et cetera. Industrial digitalization includes 5 major services, namely IDC, Industry Cloud, Network Dedicated Line, IoT and Internet Finance. In the first half, Industrial Digitalization Revenue up 5.1% YoY to renminbi 42.9 billion, achieving an industry leading revenue size.

We offer a full range of cloud products, our ease of, in cloud is already serving 500,000 large and medium sized enterprise customers and 50 million personal and family customers. Overall cloud revenue was renminbi 6.68 billion in the first half. Esurfing cloud remain number one in hybrid cloud enterprise ranking in the PRC in the teen free best