Centrais Elétricas Brasileiras S.A. - Eletrobras (NYSE:EBR.B) Q2 2020 Earnings Conference Call - Final Transcript

Aug 13, 2020 • 01:30 pm ET


Centrais Elétricas Brasileiras S.A. - Eletrobras (NYSE:EBR.B) Q2 2020 Earnings Conference Call - Final Transcript


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Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen, and thank you for waiting. Welcome to the Eletrobras Conference Call for the Earnings of the Second Quarter of 2020. I would like to inform you that all participants are only listening during the presentation. Afterwards, we will begin the Q&A session, where further instructions will be given. I'd like to remind you that this presentation is available as a PowerPoint presentation on the Investor Relations website of Eletrobras. [Operator Instructions] I'd like to inform you that any -- before we proceed, I'd like to clarify that any statements made during this call regarding the Company's business prospects as well as projections, operational and financial goals, concerning its potential for growth or forecasts, based on the expectations of the management for the future of Eletrobras. These expectations are highly dependent on domestic market conditions, and depend on the circumstances that may or may not occur. So general market conditions and other operating factors may affect the results expressed in such future comments.

Now, I would like to hand over to the CEO, Mr. Wilson Ferreira Junior; Ms. Elvira Presta, Chief Financial and IR Officer; and Mr. Eduardo Gonzalez, the Chief Generation Officer, starting off with the CEO, Mr. Wilson Ferreira, the floor is yours.

Wilson Ferreira Junior

Thank you, Marcelo. Good afternoon to all the investors and analysts that are following us during this conference, and sharing the results for the second quarter. I'd like to apologize, as we had a number of events in this quarter. Therefore, our presentation is very long. And I'd like to apologize, we'll try to run a bit faster through with, so that we can take the questions at the end of the presentation.

So now, I'd like to move on to Page 4. We have our report talking about the fact that we're facing the coronavirus starting off from the first page, and I'd like to say that we're in the process of resuming work at the Company. And as you can see on this table, we were careful to work through waves, and we see waves as periods where we come back to work. Where on one side, we consider the necessary social distancing and on the other side, the -- we consider the risk routes, so we divided our people into three groups at Eletrobras. So we have non-risks, people under 50 years of age with no comorbidities, groups from 50 or over 50 with comorbidities, and groups over 60 years of age regardless of having a comorbidity or not are -- these are the groups that are considered.

So the first ones are the people under 50 no comorbidities, respecting the social distancing as I mentioned. We see more in less waves according to the respect of social distancing, and also the issues relating to schools reopening or not as we have employees that are parents of children under 12 or as they also coexist with people that are part of the risk groups. So we achieved 72% of