Xeris Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NASDAQ:XERS) Q2 2020 Earnings Conference Call - Final Transcript

Aug 10, 2020 • 08:30 am ET


Xeris Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NASDAQ:XERS) Q2 2020 Earnings Conference Call - Final Transcript


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[Operator Instructions] And our first question comes from the line of Ami Fadia with SVB Leerink. Go ahead please. Your line is open.

Eason Lee

Hi. Good morning. This is Eason on for Ami. Thanks for taking my questions. Three quick questions, if I may, on the auto-injector launch. First, we've seen -- we can see in IQVIA the weekly Gvoke scripts are now basically doubling what they were pre-auto-injector launch. Maybe can you speak to where this growth is coming from, like, are these from practices that have prescribed the Pre-Filled Syringe and are adding the auto-injector now or are these -- is this growth from practices that were sort of waiting out for the auto-injector to be available?

Second, just with the back-to-school season, but with sort of COVID-19 and a bit of the mixed reopening across the country, how do you think this might affect sort of the typical glucagon prescribing volume uptick that we typically see at this time of year?

And then maybe third, just in terms of the sort of getting used to this virtual sort of -- this virtual sort of physician interaction, how do you think that -- how do you think we've sort of reached a sort of a new normal in terms of physician receptivity to this type of marketing and as a result maybe even if we see sort of a COVID impact prolonging into the future that we would still sort of see sort of the market sort of expand with the availability of these new glucagon options? Thank you.

Paul R. Edick

So -- thanks. Let me try to take those in order. Where are the prescriptions coming from? It's across the board. We're getting prescriptions from people who have prescribed the Pre-Filled Syringe historically. We're getting prescriptions from people who hadn't prescribed Pre-Filled Syringe. We're also adding -- if you remember, we added 1,000 new prescribers just in the second quarter. In the third quarter so far with the auto-injector in July we continue to add new prescribers by the hundreds.

So also keep in mind the Pre-Filled Syringe, or Gvoke in general, was launched at the very end of last year, pretty much almost at the beginning of this year. We really only had about 2.5 months of open and free time in the field in detailing until we went into a virtual world in the middle of March. So what the Pre-Filled Syringe is in terms of prescribing versus what it could be, nobody knows. But we continue to drive increases in the second quarter, set ourselves up very nicely for the third quarter and for the - and for the HypoPen. So all in all pretty good and we're getting prescriptions across the board.

In terms of back-to-school, there is going to be some version, we think, of back-to-school. Obviously, it's not going to be the normal back-to-school. But when you really think about it, parents have to be prepared. Whatever the schooling is going to be, parents need