TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION (NYSE:TM) Q2 2020 Earnings Conference Call - Final Transcript

Nov 07, 2019 • 08:30 am ET


TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION (NYSE:TM) Q2 2020 Earnings Conference Call - Final Transcript


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Mitsuru Kawai

machine breakdown, members of the Oyaji no kai Group took action right away and offered manpower and parts.

We held a second gathering in October of this year. In the meeting, I heard feedback that now they could ask for help easily with just a single phone call, without going through anyone else, such as the engineers or the human resources department. They say, it is great that there were such smooth communication with just a quick phone call asking for help and receiving replies instantly like, Okay, we can help or I got it. And I was happy to learn that they were inspired to create the same kinds of activities at their own companies.

Furthermore, in the meeting we also discussed strengthening efforts to solve problems that every company finds challenging such as; maintenance or developing maintenance personnel by reviewing each other's efforts. Also when natural disasters occur, I believe this network will also be helpful and recovery efforts in affected regions and Companies. I think alliances are not simply putting technologies and information of companies together. Learning about each other's knowledge and experience leads to noticing new things and provides clues in development in kaizen that they had never thought about before.

I believe, we must realize that in Alliance, we must maximize synergistic effect. One plus one can be more than two and people are the key to this.

I would like to build such relationships in alliances and the hope that it will generate greater energy. In order to be able to exchange direct opinions with people from different corporate backgrounds and to search for what we can achieve together, each one of us need to be professionals. Such a person needs to possess both expertise that enable swift decision making based on the kaizen mindset and leadership with a human touch that encourages people to get on board.

However, I also think people tend to stop growing and making efforts, when they think they have become professionals. I define a true professional as someone who always looks and things ahead and someone who engages in self-driven continuous growth. In this way, people see the professionals in action and think I want to be like him or her and continue to grow. This year, I was given the responsibility of Chief Officer of General Administration and the Human Resources Group. Under this responsibility, I am starting to see a need to make changes to the current HR system and in-house education.

In reality, nearly 30% of the senior management and labor union members have yet to shift their minds towards a new era in which the environment surrounding, the auto industry is drastically changing. Given such a situation, I am committed to working on nurturing people who can think proactively and take action, are tough enough to face new areas and to take up the challenge up to the point of conclusion, consider continues self improvement as crucial to the growth of the company.