Axon Enterprise, Inc. (NASDAQ:AAXN) Q3 2019 Earnings Conference Call - Final Transcript

Nov 07, 2019 • 05:00 pm ET


Axon Enterprise, Inc. (NASDAQ:AAXN) Q3 2019 Earnings Conference Call - Final Transcript


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Rick Smith

process. He has participated in several ride along in patrol cars, including an overnight shift in what we call an active city. He is also doing a fair number of sit-alongs with record clerks and agency back officers, and a 911 dispatch centers, observing the call taking in dispatching process, which is the next category we are bend to disrupt.

Jeff, maybe take a moment to talk about your first impressions, why you came to Axon, and the opportunity you see here.

Jeff Kunins

Thanks, Rick. I'm thrilled to be here. In my experience, one of the most critical things that makes a company successful is simply the culture, which shines through at Axon that I can see already is the bold audacity to invent amazing things on behalf of our customers and the communities they serve, paired with a healthy dose of humor and humility. At this particular moment in history, the specter of gun violence and threats to social justice around the world have created the need for millions of people to both feel more safe and be more safe. So it's an unprecedented honor for me and a privilege to be part of what we do every day here at Axon.

For a little context on who I am, first and foremost, I'm a builder. For the last 25 years, I've had the privilege to work on software, services and devices in one form or another that have been used by millions of people and have supported multi-billion dollar businesses around the world in a diverse range of contracts. I tend [Phonetic] to be hands on, dive deep and be customer obsessed. At Amazon, we're relentlessly focused on finding new ways to truly delight customers and keep doing that effectively at ever bigger scale across an ever more diverse range of products, and I see that same passion and commitment at Axon.

One of the most exciting things about Axon is our opportunity to create software devices, cloud services, SaaS subscriptions and mobile apps that all work together to create a flywheel effect of customer loyalty and long-term value, and that business model is incredibly compelling.

First, a little more perspective on why I joined Axon, beyond the business model, beyond the opportunity, look, I loved Amazon, I love Amazon, I was very happy there for 5.5 years with zero intention of making a change. And in particular, I was thrilled to be a part of Alexa and helping invent the future of cloud-based voice assistance especially having spent previously eight years of my life at Tellme Networks, one of the early pioneers in that space. But a member of Axon's Board was instrumental in introducing me to the company and then three things happen in quick succession that convinced me I had no choice but to join Axon and its mission to protect life and obsolete the bullet.

First, there was a shooting, just a few miles from my children's elementary school, and one of the teachers were