AMAG Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMAG) Q3 2019 Earnings Conference Call - Final Transcript

Nov 01, 2019 • 08:00 am ET


AMAG Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMAG) Q3 2019 Earnings Conference Call - Final Transcript


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Julie Krop, M.D

additional data was to remove the drug from the market. Importantly 5 of the 6 OB/GYNs and 2 additional members voted in favor of keeping Makena on the market with a new confirmatory trial. 9 members voted to recommend that the FDA pursue withdrawal from the market. As we've shared publicly we are disappointed with the mixed vote. But it's important to remember that the advisory committee's vote is not binding but the FDA will have to consider it in making their decisions. We are committed to exploring options on how to gather additional data that will be most informative to physicians and the FDA and at the same time working to ensure that eligible patients continue to have access to Makena.

I'll now turn it over to Tony to provide an update on the launch of Vyleesi.

Anthony Tony Casciano

Thank you Julie and good morning everyone. I wanted to start with a quick important reminder of our market research which indicates there are approximately 6 million premenopausal women with acquired generalized HSDD. And our team is proud to bring those women Vyleesi the first on-demand treatment option. Since launching nationally about a month ago through our women's health sales force and digital outreach the team has been focused on driving early awareness of Vyleesi. We've also prioritized early access through our co-pay program which makes the first 4 packs of Vyleesi available to patients for a $0 co-pay and a maximum of $99 on subsequent fills. This co-pay program is helping eligible women access Vyleesi while our market access team works to secure commercial coverage for patients.

While we're only about a month into the launch we know you're probably eager to see some early indications of progress to date. On the qualitative side we're seeing our presence on social media is providing women with a chance to engage in discussions about HSDD illustrated by some of the posts shown on the left-hand side of the slide. In addition our sales force is finding physicians eager to engage in discussions about Vyleesi. These are consistent with the employee quote you can see on the right. And just to call this out in case you're not viewing the slides the quote says "I have had 4 different providers requesting me to come by in detail Vyleesi." Those requests came from no access offices. For those not familiar with the term no access offices these are offices that historically will not allow sales representatives into the office. We are also happy to see early signs of earned media which we believe will continue to amplify our efforts to drive HSDD and Vyleesi awareness. On the more quantitative side you can see on slide 11 some of the metrics we're tracking to the first month of launch. Our focus on digital has helped us reach more than 12.5 million women and we've seen more than 120000 symptom checkers completed to date.

From a prescription perspective we're happy to share that our specialty pharmacy partners