Oil-Dri Corp. of America (NYSE:ODC) Q4 2019 Earnings Conference Call - Final Transcript

Oct 11, 2019 • 11:00 am ET


Oil-Dri Corp. of America (NYSE:ODC) Q4 2019 Earnings Conference Call - Final Transcript


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Daniel S. Jaffee

as I've always said investment in Oil-Dri is really an investment in the people, who are coming in every day to try and create value from sorbent mineral. And I'll do these in chronological order to the best of my memory as to when the moves were made, but Flemming Mahs joined us as President of Amlan International pretty much August 1st. So I know I got that one right. And then Susan Kreh joined us as Chief Financial Officer; Kevin Dombrowski, joined us as the head of our IT group; Caleb Stevenson [Phonetic], joined us and take over our treasury function; Molly VandenHeuvel joined us as our Chief Operating Officer; Jessica Moskowitz was promoted the VP of the consumer products division and General Manager; [Indecipherable] became our Vice President of Global Infrastructure, which then opened up manufacturing, so then Aaron Christiansen became the VP of Manufacturing. He then made a couple of moves, where he moved a Plant Manager David Downs from Ripley over to Georgia to take the place of Hiram Rivera, who was moving on to other duties within the Company; and then George Handler was promoted in Ripley to take David's role. So -- and Tracy Smithey was promoted in Mississippi as the regional manufacturing manager overall the Midwestern plants there.

So a lot of dynamic changes and as you see in the progression of results, pretty much -- I'm not going to say they're all for the good, but to me, they are all for the good. I mean it's hard to declare victory in one year, but I'm proud of every single move that was made, it sure made my life easier as the team is very solid. And then we had a lot of people who stayed in their existing roles, long time players, running each of our divisions. And so it really was a win-win, a blending of the new with the old, a new system and then implementing S&OP to try and take full advantage of that system. So we're very excited that the year-ended on a high note. I forgot and we actually won a patent litigation case, which was an amazing thing in and of itself, and that was the culmination of about four years of legal work. So in a validation of our IP effort. So a lot going on during fiscal '19. A lot of momentum heading into fiscal '20. And as I told the inside team and I'm telling you now, I really believe this year will be one of the most important years in the Company's history. It's going to be a seminal moment when we sort of transformed from basically everything running through me because that's just the way the old system demanded it. There just wasn't enough visibility for everyone to do their jobs and make the decisions I needed to make, and now each of these individual leaders, not only has the skillset to do, to make their own decisions, but is