Naked Brand Group, Inc. (NASDAQ:NAKD) Q4 2019 Earnings Conference Call - Final Transcript

Jun 20, 2019 • 04:30 pm ET


Naked Brand Group, Inc. (NASDAQ:NAKD) Q4 2019 Earnings Conference Call - Final Transcript


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Anna Johnson


Now, let's get started. There's a lot of information in our recently filed Investor Presentation, don't take my commentary to the most important key point. I'm going to talk a little bit about the company, review our FY 2019 results with you all, for the 12 months ended January 31st, 2019, and take you through a high level summary of what I've done since I have joined the company and our strategic plan that we will follow it going forward. Although I would like to talk directly to all of the details on each page of the presentation, we will follow the flow throughout.

To provide a background for those of you new to the company, Naked Brand Group is an intimate designer, wholesaler and direct-to-consumer business. We are a house of brands that is under 72 years young and started by two brothers after the Second World War to help women by designing lingerie that builds on the body and trades under the Bendon name, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Naked Brand Group. Our 12 brands include well-known international brands such as Heidi Klum, Pleasure State, Bendon, Naked, Fayreform and Lovable. We pride ourselves in developing and designing products for every occasion and stage in life with a reputation and a focus on innovation and fit. We understand that women are not just one brand and with half a brand we cover all phases of life with what we like to refer from Cradles to the Grave.

In June last year, we acquired Naked and we listed on the NASDAQ. With over 600 plus staffs, we have in Australia and New Zealand network with 60 direct-to-consumer goods and a future global footprint through a wholesale and distributed business, which has our brands ranged in over 5,500 doors. Our brand portfolio you will see later is quite diverse and well-balanced with 32% of our sales currently done online. This kind of links off to take advantage of the growth noted by Allied Market Research, which pings the Internet industry to grow to a global $250 billion opportunity by 2022. If we break that down further for a minute, it shows that not only are consumer spending more emulate on Internet program fee, an increase of 17% over the next two years alone, that they're also spending more regularly.

Now turning to Slide 9, to give those insights context into how that fits within our customer base. We currently have a database of 2.8 million customers, 1.2 million are active today, this plus a social media presence of approximately 287,000 followers gives us a great reach to engage with and build our customer journey and loyalty program. We already know that we have a broad audience ranging from 18 to 60, but a service from our house of brands. Research tells us 80% of women are wearing the wrong sized bra. 81% of people research online before they purchase in store, and this means we need to