HUYA Inc. (NYSE:HUYA) Q1 2019 Earnings Conference Call - Final Transcript

May 17, 2019 • 02:00 am ET


HUYA Inc. (NYSE:HUYA) Q1 2019 Earnings Conference Call - Final Transcript


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Thank you. Ladies and gentlemen, we now begin the question-and-answer session. (Operator Instructions) Please note for the benefit of all participants on today's call. If you wish to ask your question to the management in Chinese, please immediately repeat your question in English. (Operator Instructions) Thank you. Our first question in queue is from Hillman Chan from Citigroup. Please ask your question.

Hillman Chan

(Foreign Language) So, thank you for taking my questions. I have two major questions. First one is on the competitive landscape. So how does management differentiate ourselves versus our competitor for the traffic growth strategy, new game launches and operations and also aggressiveness in stream approaching? And also how do we see Tencent's relationship with our two platforms?

And my second question is on overseas expansion. Noticed that we've enjoyed fast user growth in the overseas market. Could management help us compare the user behavior of overseas live stream viewer, such as visit retention rate, paying ratio ARPU versus Chinese viewers in terms of similarities and differences? And how should we think about the P&L and maybe potential Nimo TV? Thank you very much.

Rongjie Dong

(Foreign Language) Hi, Hillman, thanks for your question. The translation, you might have noticed that there is a recent consolidation in the game live streaming industry. And in terms of the competition landscape right now, we do feel that fine management operations and commercial monetization are the crucial factors that manage for game live streaming competition in the near term. And poaching issues of the broadcasters, as you just mentioned, for now, it's actually a existing issue and -- but we do see that bringing substantial operation performance by poaching broadcasters will be the path. In the longer run, the performance of game live streaming business will not be focused on simply poaching broadcasters from platform to platform. As I said earlier, the focus -- the strategic focus right now will be fine management and operations and to increase and diversify our revenue stream and also the commercialization, monetization of the game live streaming industries. These are in the near term.

In the longer run, as you also have been noticed, keeping its current the business model for game live streaming platform in China, but in exploring more revenue sources of this business, we do see that we need to in close contact with the upstream content players and the game developers to seek for more revenue streams so that we can put the business model of game live streaming more game related instead of just taking as a business model. And, of course, we will penetrate deeper into the stream-related content and to explore more business monetization method. That's for the long term.

Horizontally speaking, given that globalization has becoming quite common in the game live streaming industry and also the gaming industry, we have already established our business units in the overseas earlier last year. And at this closing of first quarter 2018 earnings conference call, our -- total MAU of our overseas