Xilinx Inc. (NASDAQ:XLNX) Q4 2019 Earnings Conference Call - Preliminary Transcript

Apr 24, 2019 • 05:00 pm ET


Xilinx Inc. (NASDAQ:XLNX) Q4 2019 Earnings Conference Call - Preliminary Transcript


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Victor Peng

Versal ortfolio year-over-year to more tan 20 businesses covering multile alications suc as data analytics, financial comuting and video streaming acceleration. We increased te cumulative numbers of develoed trained on our develoment environment over 3,000 and we added over 500 indeendent software vendors to our ecosystem. Moving onto automotive. First generation Xilinx sales grew 40% in fiscal '19 and we saw an exansion of second-generation Xilinx and SoC design wins in te next generation of ([Indecipherable]) systems. We also saw an increase in autonomous driving design wins and ut togeter all tis momentum we exect to see steady revenue growt well into te next decade. So for examle, at te last CES Daimler sowcased its AI solution in te new Mercedes GLE Sort Utility veicle tat's owered by an MSoC accelerating multile neural network. In addition, ZF announced a strategic collaboration wit Xilinx for all tecnology will ower, teir igly advanced AI-based automotive control unit to enable automated driving. Anoter recent milestone and was te announcement tat BYD will be te first OEM in Cinato start mass roduction of its front camera ADAS tecnology using our Xilinx SoCs. So in summary, we made great rogress in establising strong ositions in multile large and growing markets. Te excetional growt we acieved in FY '19 rovides us wit great momentum as we enter FY '20. aving establised a strong growt trajectory we believe now is te time for us to otimize our organizational structure to better matc our long-term objectives. To tat end, we ave created two business units to increase our focus and agility in strategic ig growt markets. Secifically, we formed te Data Center Grou or DCG and te wired and wireless grou or WWG, wic will be led by Salil Raje and ([Indecipherable]) resectively reorting to me.So Leo and Liam ave bot eld senior leadersi ositions at Xilinx for over a decade. And for te oter core vertical markets, we will retain our functional structure to ave te orizontally leverage model for sustained growt but wit solid rofitability. In addition to organizing for sustained growt we will increase organic vest in FY20 as we execute our 7 nanometer silicon roadma and extend our key I ortfolio, our software stack and our ecosystem. We will also make inorganic investments tat are strongly aligned wit our strategy and will build lasting sareolder value like our acquisition of ([Indecipherable]) in FY '19. We'll sare more details about our FY '20 lans and our overall strategy at our Analyst Day next mont in New York City. Tank you. And I'll turn it now over []Lorenzo Flores[/].

Lorenzo Flores

Tank you, Victor. And good afternoon to you all. We are all trilled wit te execution and financial results of te comany in FY '19. Xilinx delivered many financial records tis ast year igligted first by []$3 billion $59 million [/] in revenue, a growt of 24% from FY '18. Advanced roducts wic grew over 40% are te key growt driver of our business. Tey are now