Xilinx Inc. (NASDAQ:XLNX) Q4 2019 Earnings Conference Call - Preliminary Transcript

Apr 24, 2019 • 05:00 pm ET


Xilinx Inc. (NASDAQ:XLNX) Q4 2019 Earnings Conference Call - Preliminary Transcript


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Victor Peng

fiscal 2019. So now focus my comments on key accomlisments during te year. We made excellent rogress on our transformation to a latform comany. First and second generation, zinc roduct revenue increased aroximately 60% wit strengt And many alications in communications, automotive articularly aid us and industrial end markets. We take out our Universal a ca on scedule, wic is an industry first. Versal will deliver 10x comute erformance and 10x bandwidt and deliver ower efficiency for many alications across all of our end markets. We also launced Alveo a family of owerful, adatable CIe accelerator cards tat increase te erformance of a broad range of alications for bot cloud and on-remise deloyment. And we also osted tree very successful develoers conferences globally tat ad a record attendance as art of our drive to increase alication develoment and exand our ecosystem. Now, let me sare some igligts around our tree key growt drivers, communications, datacenter and automotive. Starting wit communications 5G deloyments began earlier tan our exectations at te start of FY '19. We were excetionally well ositioned at tis early stage of wat's a istoric 5G cycle, wic we believe will be multile times larger tan 4G. Deloyment started in Sout Korea and now we see deloyments gearing u in multile geograies. We're siing in volume in radio and baseband alications. Our oortunity in 5G rate is articularly strong because of te comlexity of te new standard drives, te need for significantly more radios tat in 4G. We exect to get more content given te iger value we add for radios wit roducts like our RFSoC. In addition, we ave a comlete roduct road ma wit our recently announced exansion of our RFSoC ortfolio covering te full sub 6 gigaertz 5G sectrum. We've seen more tan our tyical sare of baseband revenues in tis very early ase of 5G deloyment. We exect to retain some of te current 5G baseband sockets wile, some will be relaced by a ([Indecipherable]) over time and tis is consistent wit wat we've seen in te ast deloyments, including 4G and 4.5G. Now wen our 7 nanometer ([Indecipherable]) rams te roduction we ave an oortunity to exand beyond our istorical baseband revenue levels in later deloyments of 5G. Now moving on te datacenter we continue to develo and exand our ecosystem and our []delta [/] latforms in a variety of ieline alications. We are strengtening our data center first strategy wit today's announcement of our intention to acquire Solarflare a rovider of ig-erformance, low latency networking solutions for multile alications, including financials Combining our industry-leading FGAs and MSoC and soon ACA solutions wit Solarflares ig seed NIC tecnology and onload alication acceleration software we will create a owerful converged smart SmartNIC latform. Solarflares software and networking exertise is an excellent comlement to our silicon I and develoment tools leadersi. We also continue to fortify Xilinx latform and Alveo artners ecosystem troug our cororate ventures initiatives. We nearly doubled te number of comanies in our