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(Operator Instructions) John DeCree, Union Gaming.

John DeCree

Wanted to start high level. Barry, you talked a little bit in your prepared remarks about your background, and as we think about the evolution of Scientific Games over the last several years, Gavin was the gaming bureau and Kevin was the cost control. When you think about your background and your vision for Scientific Games, could you talk a little bit about maybe your management style and kind of what you see kind of being your focus going forward from here?

Barry Cottle

First of all, both Gavin and Kevin were excellent executives that helped put Scientific Games in the great position that they're in today and I think a combination of both of what they bring, which is an understanding of the gaming industry, and knowing the market, the players, and the customers is incredibly important, as is the financial discipline that the organization needs to build on. And so, both are strong pillars in how I plan on working going forward as well. I think it's extremely important to be customer-focused, market-focused, as well as have the financial discipline. And that financial discipline will remain in place here. With Mike Q here as my right-hand man and I really plan to make sure that this happens.

I think in terms of -- I guess, it's a great question. I would describe myself as, I am a product strategy guy, and more directly a game guy. I absolutely love and appreciate games and gaming enabling platforms. And ultimately when -- we need to build products that people love and our customers want to distribute and carry for us. So to that end, our plan is still, I would say, a greater focus on building great games and betting products that our players love and the platforms and systems that enable those player experiences, because in the end, Scientific Games is a product company and it's important that our solutions deliver on these promises and that we can leverage these games and franchises across all of our business units.

And if you think about it, as we plan and build products, the key to great products is a combination of art and science. The art is designing engaging games and features and experiences that are fun. The science is using data to understand where the biggest opportunity in the market is. What players want, prioritizing your reach, sources and the capital more strategically on the near-term opportunities with the highest ROI as we look to drive our core businesses forward. It's a term that I like to call and I use a lot internally as data-driven road-mapping. It's prioritizing our initiatives, opportunities and the products and services that we build and innovate, because, essentially, cutting costs gets you the resources to spend, but data-driven road-mapping directs those funds and resources to spend toward the highest opportunities. We did this (inaudible) over the last few years and we doubled our EBITDA in two years.

John DeCree

Hopefully you can