May 10, 2018 • 08:00 am ET



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Michael D. Barnello

other stakeholders see the value that we see. Well coming out of a period of integration and transitions our markets are improving and public software is a reflection of their view regarding the intrinsic value of our portfolio.

Our management team in the border, please the portfolio we established and excited for the value we know we can achieve in the future. As this quarter illustrates, got a lot of great momentum. With that said the Lasalle Board takes it's fiduciary responsibilities to shareholders very seriously and is open minded and committed to act in the best interest of the shareholders.

The board will continue to work to enhance shareholder value by any means. And before we open up to Q&A, I want to underscore that at the advice of legal counsel, we're unable to provide the further commentary on the Pebblebrook proposals beyond what we've already disclosed. We already talked about our results for the quarter and I ask please focus your questions on that topic for the revised outlook we provided today.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation. Leanne?