Cincinnati Bell Inc. (NYSE:CBB) Q1 2018 Earnings Conference Call Transcript

May 09, 2018 • 09:00 am ET


Cincinnati Bell Inc. (NYSE:CBB) Q1 2018 Earnings Conference Call Transcript


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Thank you, sir. (Operator Instructions) We'll go to David Barden with Bank of America.

David Barden

Hi, guys. Thanks for taking the questions. I guess, just the first one, it sounds like the expectation now is for the Hawaii deal maybe to close on the sooner end of the second half target. Now you have got the PUC approval. Could you kind of talk about what if any expectations you should have for the upside opportunity for putting the two companies together, sooner rather than later in the 2018 year, net of course obviously any volcano related issues. This is the first time we had to talk about that on a Cincinnati call.

And the second question was just on the -- it was just kind of more thinking into '19 on the fiber trajectory. It sounds like you're more kind of married to the notion that, that fiber is more of a necessity now for the -- maybe the totality of the Cincinnati region once upon a time, it was 60% penetration, now it's 70% and rising, is there a limit or is it just really that senses you've got to be fully committed to the fiber overbuild and this kind of pacing of the Fioptics expansion is really what we expect in the next year or two?

Leigh R. Fox

Yeah. Thanks, David. On Hawaii, yeah, what I'll say about that is the teams have been working together. They have a fairly detailed plan to begin executing once, we've closed on everything, we're excited about it. I think their team is excited about it. We are looking forward to as you mentioned hopefully closing on the sooner end of what we had expected. As everything is going as well as it can be expected on our end. I'm excited, as you can imagine, we're just excited to going and just get the teams moving forward.

On the Volcano front, I do want to send again our best wishes and thoughts and prayers to folks out there being impacted by that. As per our infrastructure out there is not being impacted as of now and honestly the team is out there, I've got an update just the other day, they are doing fantastic work to help that community get connected and stay connected and they are putting together some pretty I think original technology to help the folks out there. So, I'm really proud of what's going on out there.

On the fiber question, we've had a lot of conversations about what fiber looks like in the future obviously for the Company. I think you're seeing it through the metrics, I think you're seeing more and more this out in the news, the fiber is just the future period. And I said in the script, it's a superior asset, it's where I think technology needs to go, you look at everything, all the overlying technologies that are going to ride over that (inaudible) network. We need a deep fiber network as a nation personally, but