May 03, 2018 • 09:00 am ET



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Susan N. Story

evaluate our actions by, not just a bunch of words on a piece of paper.

We continually ask ourselves key questions. First, are we providing a safe environment for our employees and the public with all that we do? Are we developing our people to the fullest potential in their jobs? How are we implementing technology to improve customer service and reduce our costs? What are we doing to protect our natural resources and water supplies? Are we a respected voice for clean and safe water throughout the US? Will these initiatives lead to higher trust in us by our customers, communities and regulators?

Our story is pretty simple and straightforward. We know and love the business of water and water services. We're committed to finding and delivering cost-effective solutions to problems and challenges with water supply, water quality and water infrastructure for our customers and communities throughout the country.

We truly believe in the importance of values and purpose in all that we do, including in achieving financial results. The world, and yes, even the water industry can be a chaotic place at times. Our customers and our investors have plenty of things to worry about. Our goal is not to be one of them.

With that, we're happy to take your questions.