May 03, 2018 • 04:30 pm ET



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Scott Bok

senior bankers. And we believe we are accomplishing our objectives on that regard.

Equally important, we wanted to grow the revenue producing capacity of the firm by recruiting new bankers with strong potential for high productivity. With seven Managing Director level bankers recruited in the year-to-date, we also believe we are accomplishing our objectives in this regard. Importantly, these recruits are focused in strategic areas that we believe have high productivity and revenue potential. Thus, our announcements to date have related to various important industry sectors in the US market, as well as of the expansion of our US restructuring business. We continue to have a strong list of senior candidates and process, and hope to add more recruits in months to come.

In closing, I note that we just posted on our website a new investor presentation that summarizes much of what I've just said, while also reviewing our overall strategy.

And with that, we're happy to take questions.