Nielsen Holdings plc (NYSE:NLSN) Q1 2018 Earnings Conference Call Transcript

Apr 26, 2018 • 08:00 am ET


Nielsen Holdings plc (NYSE:NLSN) Q1 2018 Earnings Conference Call Transcript


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Mitch Barns

and Buy come together, to deliver metrics that address advertising ROI and attribution. These are some of the most important topics for our clients these days, both buyers and sellers of media. This part of our business has consistently been growing double digits for quite some time.

With a small but growing portion of the market, focusing on advanced audience segments, we're also at the forefront of enabling audience-based buying. In March, we launched Advanced Audience Forecasting, a new tool that enables advertisers and media companies to better forecast inventory for audience segments across national TV networks. For example, an advertiser might use it to target pet owners or cereal buyers or people who shop at a particular type of store. And with our new Enterprise Audience API, media buyers and sellers can plug their systems directly into Nielsen to request data for specific audience segments on an on-demand basis. This includes transactions on the OpenAP platform for which we originally built the API.

Here's a recent comment from one of our clients, Simulmedia who said, with Nielsen's Enterprise Audience API, we'll be able to convert their gold standard data into targetable audience segments across all national TV networks in a matter of seconds. That sums it up well. We feel great about our position in this year's Upfronts.

My fifth and final topic is privacy and data protection. Consumer data privacy and data protection are at the cornerstone of all of Nielsen's solutions and this has been the case throughout our 95-year history. We embed privacy protections into the design of our products from the very start and our relationships with data providers, they're no exception.

In March, Facebook announced policy changes limiting the availability of third-party datasets for audience targeting on their platform. While access for some firms was curtailed, our relationship with Facebook remains strong. We still have access to the data that the industry needs for independent third-party measurement. We've always taken a conservative approach around consumer data privacy and this has proven to serve us well in the long term. Another key focus of the industry has been the General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR, a new EU data protection law going into effect on May 25.

We're ready for this. Because we've been at the forefront of privacy compliance for years, many of the steps required by GDPR were already in place. Overall, we see the greater focus on privacy, including GDPR, as a net positive for our position in the marketplace. Privacy is an important topic and the changes underway play to our strengths, ensuring compliance as regulation evolves will remain a high priority for us.

I hope I've addressed many of your questions head on, but I am sure you'll have more. So with that, I'll turn it back to Sara.

Sara Gubins

Thanks, Mitch. Carol, we're ready to open it up for Q&A.