Apr 25, 2018 • 05:00 pm ET



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Victor Peng

mission of building the adaptable, intelligent world. Recently, I described our strategy, and it consists of three elements: data center first, accelerating revenue growth in our core markets and driving adaptive computing. I also announced a new product category, adaptive, compute, acceleration platform or ACAP and our Everest project, which will deliver the industry's first 7-nanometer ACAP product family. We are on track for tape-out of our first ACAP product later this year.

We've established significant momentum in the data center end market over the past fiscal year, both developing the foundation for and building out a vibrant ecosystem. For example, we now have trained more than 400 developers, with approximately 300 in the March quarter alone, on how to develop for AWS' Xilinx-based F1 instances. We've continued to invest in our SDAccel development environment and middle library making it easier for software developers to program our FPGAs using industry-standard APIs and frameworks. As an example, we recently released a machine learning speed on the AWS F1 environment with support for TensorFlow. We expect the data center to be our fastest-growing end market in the near term with significant revenue levels over the longer term.

Xilinx has been evolving from an FPGA-focused company to Zynq-based platforms and, soon, ACAP platforms. Our transformation has been underway for the last several years through the integration of powerful SoCs and through our programmable chips, developing 3D ICs developing software development suites and creating partner ecosystems. Our Zynq SoC products are ideal for platform architectures and are a critical element of our multimarket expansion.

Our 28-nanometer Zynq and 16-nanometer MPSoC products achieved a new sales record, growing more than 60% year-on-year. Our RFSoC family, which has a breakthrough architecture with integrated RF-class analog technology, will be in full production by the middle of this year. The RFSoC has exceptional design and momentum with product shipped to about 30 customers to date across multiple end markets and applications. We will build on the momentum at the data center and accelerate our growth in our core markets with our new strategy for sustained, robust long-term growth and delivering shareholder value.

I look forward to sharing more details about our strategy and plans for FY '19 and beyond at our Analyst Day in May.

Let me now turn it back to the operator for Q&A.