TIM Participações S.A. (NYSE:TSU) Q4 2016 Earnings Conference Call - Preliminary Transcript

Feb 03, 2017 • 01:30 pm ET


TIM Participações S.A. (NYSE:TSU) Q4 2016 Earnings Conference Call - Preliminary Transcript


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Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, we would like to welcome everybody to TIM Participacoes, fourth quarter and full year 2016 results and 2017, 2019 strategic plans conference call. We would like to inform you that this event is being recorded and all participants will be on listen only mode.

During the company's presentation. There will be a replay purchase call on the website. At TIM Participacoes remarks are completed, there will be a question and answer session for participants.

At that time, further instructions will be given. Before proceeding. Let me mention that forward looking statements are being made under the safe harbor of the securities litigation Reform Act of 1993.

Forward looking statements are based on the beliefs and assumptions obtained for typifies management. They involve risks, uncertainties and assumptions because they relate to future treatments and circumstances that may or may not occur in the future. Investors should understand that internal and external factors could also affect to the future results obtained by typically. Should any participant need assistance during this call, please press star zero to reach to the operator.

Now, I'll turn the conference over to the Rogerio Tostes,. Please Mr. Tostes, you may proceed.

Rogerio Tostes

Thank you. Hello, everyone. Thanks for attending our conference call for results in the fourth quarter. I have with me the management team for the conference and will be available during the Q&A session.

I will turn the call to Mr. Stefano De Angelis, who will go through the presentation for the results and also for the discipline for stamp 16 and 19. So now let's turn the call to Stefano, please.

Stefano De Angelis

Thank you, gentlemen, and thank you for participating in our results conference call. As announced yesterday, we have together with 2016 the end result, that's the update for 2017, 2019.

At the F two presentation, we will by the main points without entering details so we can allow more time for the interaction in the q&a section. Wait for the second slide, I present the highlights for results of 2016.

Now, that's been difficult here and economic model side we can already see signs of recovery and changing the trending indicators such as inflation, and change rates have less uncertainty on the political side.

Moving to the company side, I am pleased to say that our 4G covers, we think, on a solid advantage position with more than 1.2 toggles discovered and more than doubles as the second player. It changes network quality together with The new commission position already bring in positive results, such as the increase in both the segments and the average revenue per user.

Lastly, on the financial side 2016 was also not like a continuous improvement in revenues Though with a new trajectory, I would also like to mention add a margin estimate expansion to 33.5 cents, and the fact that the free cash flow is back.

In the next slide on page three, I caught your attention, a story of evolution of our value