$TAP (Molson Coors Brewing Company)

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$TAP repurchased 689,783 Class B common shares from July through early October this year at $50MM. Further in August, the company committed another $50MM of cash to be used for stock repurchases during the fourth quarter under its accelerated share repurchase program.

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$TAP's subsidiary MillerCoors LLC closed on an agreement to buy a group annuity contract from Athene Annuity and Life Co., a subsidiary of Athene Holding. Athene will assume from the MillerCoors LLC Pension Plan obligations to pay future pension benefits to over 6,000 retirees and beneficiaries.

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$TAP's BoD declared a regular quarterly dividend on its Class A and Class B common shares of $0.41 per share. The dividend is payable on Dec. 15, 2017, to shareholders of record on Nov. 30, 2017.

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$TAP BoD declared a regular quarterly dividend on its Class A and Class B common shares of US$0.41 per share, payable Sept. 15, 2017, to shareholders of record on Aug. 31, 2017. The quarterly dividend is payable to holders of Class A and Class B common stock of the company.

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Brewing company $TAP has signed an agreement with Hornell Brewing Co. to market and distribute its flavored malt beverage brand, Arnold Palmer Spiked Half & Half, in the US. The company intends to launch the new brand in select markets this year and plans a full national launch in early 2018. The terms of the agreement have not been disclosed.

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$TAP Bod declared a regular quarterly dividend on its Class A and Class B common shares of $0.41 per share, payable June 15, 2017, to shareholders of record on May 31, 2017.

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$TAP's cash tax benefit guidance for the next 15 years would be about $275MM on average. The company also added that to the asset part of the 15 year period, the cash tax benefit will fall below the $275MM. Therefore, it will be front end loaded for the first two years and then below $275MM for the best part of the year.

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Brewer $TAP reported 23.7% rise in 1Q17 earnings to $201.9MM, or $0.93 per share, compared to $163.2MM, or $0.80 per share during 1Q16. Net sales rose marginally by 0.5% to $2.4Bil during the quarter.

$TAP {{ '2017-03-07T19:38:49+0000' | timeago}} • Announcement

Brewer $TAP priced its previously announced offering of EUR500MM aggregate principal amount of its floating rate senior notes due 2019. $TAP intends to use net proceeds of this offering and the concurrent offering to repay part of the outstanding amount under its term loan facility. The offering is expected to close on or about March 15.

$TAP {{ '2017-03-06T13:29:04+0000' | timeago}} • Announcement

$TAP commenced an offering of U.S. dollar-denominated senior notes. $TAP plans to use the net proceeds of this offering to repay a portion of the amounts outstanding under its term loan facility.

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$TAP BoD declared a regular quarterly dividend on its Class A and Class B common shares of $0.41 per share, payable on March 15, 2017, to shareholders of record on Feb. 28, 2017.

$TAP {{ '2017-02-14T16:24:28+0000' | timeago}} • Webcast

$TAP said its international business posted strong results in 2016, with double digit growth in net sales in owned and royalty volume. The higher owned and royalty volume was driven by the addition of the Miller Global brands, with Coors Light growth in Latin America and Australia.

$TAP {{ '2017-02-14T14:21:45+0000' | timeago}} • Announcement

$TAP's MillerCoors domestic sales-to-retailers volume declined 2.8% for the trading-day-adjusted 4Q16, driven by lower volume in the Below Premium and Premium Light segments. Domestic sales-to-wholesalers volume decreased 0.9%. Domestic net revenue per hectoliter rose 0.9% due to favorable net pricing.

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$TAP posted 4Q16 pro forma net loss of $608.1MM or $2.83 per share compared to a profit of $6.1MM or $0.03 per share a year ago. This was due to impairment charge recorded for the Molson brands in Canada, higher GAAP tax expense and indirect tax provision recorded in Europe. Pro forma underlying EPS rose to $0.46 from $0.39.

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$TAP reported a jump in 4Q16 earnings driven by special items. Net income climbed to $1.44Bil or $6.65 per share from $32.8MM or $0.18 per share last year. Sales grew to $2.9Bil from $1.24Bil.

$TAP {{ '2016-11-17T23:40:16+0000' | timeago}} • Announcement

$TAP's CFO Mauricio Restrepo resigned and the company appointed Tracey Joubert as its CFO , effective immediately. Restrepo, who joined as CFO in May 2016, resigned because the "Personal Conduct", which is not related to the operations or financial statements, $TAP said. Ms. Joubert recently served as the CFO of company's US business.

$TAP {{ '2016-11-17T23:23:02+0000' | timeago}} • Announcement

$TAP declared a regular quarterly dividend on its Class A and Class B common shares of $0.41 per share. This dividend is payable on December 15, 2016, to shareholders of record on November 30, 2016.

$PII {{ '2016-11-11T12:39:07+0000' | timeago}} • Announcement

$PII completed the acquisition of $TAP, manufacturer, distributor and retailer of off-road Jeep and truck aftermarket accessories, for $665MM. The company expects this acquisition to contribute about $100MM to 4Q16 sales.

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$TAP expects FY16 underlying CapEx of about $220MM. Net interest expense is expected to be about $110MM. Cost of goods sold per hectoliter in Canada and Europe is expected to increase at a low single-digit rate. FY17 free cash flow is expected to be 1.1Bil, plus or minus 10%.

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$TAP said in 3Q16 Canada sales volume decreased 2.9%. Net sales per hectoliter increased 0.6% in local currency, driven primarily by positive mix. Europe sales volume decreased 1.4%, hurt by weaker demand versus strong sales last year across much of the region along with excess trade inventory.

$TAP {{ '2016-11-01T16:53:27+0000' | timeago}} • Announcement

Beer giant $TAP, which sells brands such as Coors Light, Molson Canadian, Carling and Blue Moon, reported a higher quarterly profit as the year-ago quarter was impacted by an impairment charge. The company reported 3Q16 earnings of  $202.5MM, or 94 cents per share, up from $13.7MM, or 7 cents per share a year ago. Revenue fell 7% to 947.6MM.

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