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$AA 2Q15 Q&A Update - William, CFO: On EBITDA per ton of $344 target, the targets were set on the trailing three years we assumed essentially flat metal prices from there. So in essence by setting the target with flat metal prices, you did have a metal price impact in the numbers. So our target is still a valid target.

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$AA and Luminant Generation Company LLC have terminated the electricity contract associated to $AA's Rockdale Operations in Texas. The termination of the contract, which had been set to expire around 2038, was effective October 1, 2017.

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$AA plans to restart three of five potlines at its Warrick Operations aluminum smelter near Evansville, Ind. Restart expenses are expected to be incurred in 3Q17 and 4Q17 to be $30-35MM, or $0.16-0.19 per share. In 3Q17, $AA will record after-tax benefit of about $25MM, or $0.13 per share, for reversal of liabilities related to original closure.

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$AA plans to restart three of five potlines at its Warrick Operations aluminum smelter near Evansville, Ind., an action that will further improve the competitiveness of the on-site rolling mill. The process to restart the three lines, with 161,400 metric tons of annual capacity, will begin immediately and is expected to be complete in 2Q18.

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$AA will consolidate administrative locations in order to streamline and lower costs. $AA will close its New York City office and move its global headquarters to Pittsburgh as of Sept. 1, 2017. Within the next 18 months, another 7 locations across the US, Europe and Asia will also close. $AA expects annual savings of $5MM in corporate overhead.

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$AA said it is consolidating its business units to reduce complexity. Tim Reyes named President of new Alcoa business unit, Alcoa Aluminum. Beginning with 1Q17, $AA's operating and reportable segments will both be Bauxite, Alumina and Aluminum. The majority of the former Energy segment will be included in Aluminum.

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$AA said it is consolidating its business units to reduce complexity. Effective immediately, the aluminum smelting, cast products and rolled products businesses, along with the majority of the energy segment assets, will be combined into a new Alcoa Aluminum business unit (BU).

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$ARNC, formerly Aloca Inc., reported a wider 4Q16 loss due mainly to special items related to separation from $AA. Net loss widened to $1.25Bil or $2.88 per share from $701MM or $1.64 per share last year. Sales declined to $2.97Bil from $2.99Bil. Adjusted EPS rose to $0.12 from $0.03.

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$UNH appointed Timothy Flynn to its BoD. Flynn is a member of the BoD of $JPM, $WMT, $AA and a member of the board of trustees of the University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, Minn.

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$AA also said the Dec. 1, 2016 power outage at the Portland Aluminum smelter in Victoria, Australia is not expected to have a significant unfavorable impact on 4Q16 results. The smelter is an unincorporated JV between Alcoa of Australia Ltd., CITIC, and Marubeni Aluminium Australia.

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$AA also said it will record a $31MM non-cash charge, after-tax and noncontrolling interest, to impair Alcoa of Australia Ltd.'s interests in a Western Australia gas field in 4Q16. Alcoa of Australia Ltd. determined that the completed exploration activities does not support the current carrying value.

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$AA plans to permanently close the Suralco alumina refinery and bauxite mines in Suriname. $AA will record $90MM in restructuring-related charges, after-tax and noncontrolling interest in 4Q16. $AA's share of total cash costs associated with closure are estimated to be $151MM over 5 years, with $24MM to be spent in 2017.

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$AA plans to permanently close the Suralco alumina refinery and bauxite mines in Suriname, fully curtailed since November 2015. The Government of the Republic of Suriname and $AA continue to develop definitive agreements concerning Suralco's remaining activities in the country and the future of the bauxite industry in Suriname.

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$AA appointed Molly Beerman as VP and Controller of the company and will serve as principal accounting officer, effective Dec. 9. Beerman succeeds Robert Collins who has been Controller since 2013 and will be taking a role outside of the company.

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$AA said the company’s separation into two publicly-traded companies is scheduled to occur on November 1, 2016. Upon separation, Alcoa Inc. will be renamed Arconic Inc. The quarterly common stock dividend declared by $AA will be paid on November 25, 2016.

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$AA said its bauxite revenues are a combination of internal and external. For the internal pricing, the company attempts to approximate the market as much as possible. External revenues largely include shipping costs over to China.

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$AA said in the aluminum operations, the company announced a couple of closures in the US. In the North Country in New York, the company achieved a power contract that got it back to profitability. Intalco has been running profitably.

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$AA expects full-year 2016 aircraft deliveries to be flat to up 3%. Global automotive production growth is expected to be 1-4% in 2016, including 1-2% growth in North America. The 2016 global packaging market is projected to grow 2-3%. The global building and construction market is projected to grow 4-6%.

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$AA said for aluminum, global demand remains at 5%. The company continues to project a global aluminum deficit of 615,000 metric tons in 2016. Global consumption is projected to reach 59.7MM metric tons. Aluminum supply is projected to grow by 3% YoverY to reach 59.1MM metric tons of production.

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In 3Q16, $AA had Capex of $275MM. The company ended 3Q16 with $1.9Bil of cash on hand. Cash from operations was $306MM and free cash flow was $31MM. Cash used for financing activities totaled $154MM while cash used for investing activities was $220MM.

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$AA said its separation into Arconic and Alcoa Corporation is scheduled to become effective on November 1, 2016. Arconic's 4Q16 results will include charges related to the separation. Arconic will evaluate if there is any impairment losses. The impairment loss, if any, is estimated to be $300-700MM.

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