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$HAL CEO Dave Lesar kicks off the 4Q15 conference call making some quick comparisons with the company's largest "peer", supposedly $SLB. He says $HAL "outpaced" its largest peer in North America and internationally on both sequential and YoverY basis in terms of revenue and margins.

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$HAL acquired Summit ESP, a provider of electric submersible pump (ESP) technology and services. No other terms were disclosed.

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$HAL announced the appointment of Christopher Weber as EVP and CFO effective June 22, 2017. Mr. Weber joins $HAL from Parker Drilling Company, where he served as SVP and CFO. He has also previously worked with Ensco plc.

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$HAL BoD declared a 2Q17 dividend of $0.18 a share on the company’s common stock payable June 28, 2017, to stockholders of record at the close of business on June 7, 2017.

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$HAL BoD unanimously elected Jeff Miller, the company’s President and a Board member, to the position of President and CEO. Dave Lesar, who has led the company as Chairman and CEO since 2000, will continue serving the company as Executive Chairman. The leadership changes are effective June 1, 2017.

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$HAL, Trendsetter Engineering and C-Innovations formed a strategic alliance to provide Gulf of Mexico (GOM) customers with technologically advanced, integrated offshore well intervention packages. The alliance leverages the companies' strengths to create subsea solutions for hydraulic interventions.

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$HAL is positive about its position in Iraq and the success it has had with project management. It has been a launch pad for the company to move its model effectively to other parts of the Middle East and the world. The Middle East overall has been resilient and $HAL considers this to be an important part of its business.

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$HAL stated that it is working on the supply chain constantly. The company believes that the short-term supply shortages that were generated by year-end 2016 activity should begin to abate moving through 2Q17. $HAL is seeing pricing improvement in every basin it works around North America along with progress in the legacy portfolio.

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$HAL said North America is rapidly expanding. The margins have improved throughout 1Q17 and the exit incrementals for North America approximated as anticipated for the whole quarter. The company is pleased with the momentum seen going into 2Q17 and anticipates this momentum to continue throughout 2017.

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$HAL Halliburton Company Earnings AlphaGraphics: Q1 2017 highlights

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In 1Q17, Completion and Production revenue for $HAL was $2.60Bil, up 12%. Drilling and Evaluation revenue slumped 10% to $1.67Bil. Halliburton redeemed $1.4Bil of debt during the quarter, resulting in $104MM in costs for early extinguishment of debt. Total assets at quarter end were $24.8Bil vs. $27.0Bil at Dec. 31, 2016.

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$HAL shrunk its 1Q17 attributable net loss to $32MM from the $2.41Bil loss a year ago. The diluted loss improved to $0.04 a share vs. last year's $2.81 loss per share. Total revenue inched 2% up to $4.28Bil. “First quarter revenue in North America increased 24% sequentially, significantly outperforming our largest peer," said President Jeff Miller.

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$HAL announced that CFO Mark McCollum is leaving the company effective immediately to become the new CEO at $WFT. Executive VP and general counsel, Robb L. Voyles, was named interim CFO until a replacement is found. The company also promoted Lyn Beaty, the current SVP of Internal Assurance Services, to SVP of Finance.

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$HAL to redeem the entire outstanding principal amount of its 5.90% Senior Notes due September 2018 and 6.15% Senior Notes due September 2019. The redemption date for the Notes is March 15, 2017. The aggregate principal amount of the Notes outstanding is $1.4Bil.

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$HAL's BoD declared 1Q17 dividend of $0.18 per share on its common stock. The dividend is payable on March 22, 2017, to shareholders of record at the close of business on March 1, 2017.

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$HAL stated that in Latin America, the company expects revenue to be up a little bit in 2017, however expects to have a margin impact and believes revenue would fall back down to the low single digits. Also, margins in Latin America is expected to fall back into the low single digits.

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$HAL said that for 2017, the company expects CapEx to be $1Bil, which includes reactivating cold-stacked pressure pumping equipment and continuous conversion of the hydraulic fracturing fleet to Q10 Pumps to support the company's surface efficiency strategy. The company also expects D&A to be about $1.4Bil for 2017.

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In Europe, Africa and CIS, $HAL's 4Q16 revenue fell 9%, with a decrease in operating income of 5%. Conversely, in the Middle East, Asia region revenue rose 10%, with a increase in operating income of 32%.

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Regionally, $HAL's North America revenue in 4Q16 rose 9%, with operating margins improving by about 550 BP. Latin American revenue rose by 3% in the quarter, with operating income nearly tripling for the quarter, helped by increased activity levels in Colombia and Argentina and year-end software sales and consulting in Venezuela and Mexico.

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$HAL returned to operating profitability in North America in 4Q16 after three quarters of losses. In FY17, the company expects revenue to meet or exceed rig count growth in North America.

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$HAL stated the company generated significant cash flow from operating activities during 2H16 and increased its cash position for FY16. The company also added that it successfully completed its structural cost initiatives and was able to cut costs of more than $1Bil out of its business.

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