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$JBHT's total consolidated operating revenues decreased 1% YoverY to $1.59Bil in 3Q15. The decrease was primarily due to lower fuel surcharge (FSC) revenue and weaker than expected customer demand. Excluding FSC revenues, 3Q15 total consolidated operating revenues increased 8% YoverY.

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$JBHT J.B.Hunt Transport Services Inc. Earnings AlphaGraphic: Q4 2017 Highlights

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$JBHT's Intermodal revenue for 4Q17 rose 10% on load growth and rise in rate per load. Dedicated Contract Services revenue grew 20%, on addition of new customer accounts and improved asset utilization. Integrated Capacity Solutions revenue climbed 40% on higher per load and rise in load growth. Truck revenue rose 1% on customer rate per mile rises.

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$JBHT reported a jump in 4Q17 earnings driven by decline in income taxes from reasonable estimate of change in future tax rates on deferred tax balances as a result of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act enacted in the quarter. Net income rose to $385.3MM or $3.48 per share from $117.6MM or $1.05 per share last year. Operating revenue grew 16% to $1.99Bil.

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$JBHT sees 4Q17 earnings in the range of $85-90MM, or $0.77-0.82 per share. Operating revenue for the current quarter is expected to be in the range of $1.9-2Bil, compared with $1.72Bil for 4Q16. Operating income is expected to be in the range of $145-155MM.

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$JBHT has declared a regular quarterly dividend on its common stock of $0.23 per common share, payable to stockholders as on Nov 3, 2017. The dividend will be paid on Nov 17, 2017.

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$JBHT J.B. Hunt Transport Service Inc. Earnings AlphaGraphics: Q3 2017 highlights

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$JBHT's revenue from Truck for 3Q17 declined 5% from last year. Revenue excluding fuel surcharge decreased 6%, primarily from a 7% decrease in load count. Revenue per load increased about 1% due to a 4% increase in rates per loaded mile offset by a 3% decrease in length of haul compared to a year ago.

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$JBHT's revenue from Integrated Capacity Solutions for 3Q17 increased 16% from last year. Revenue per load increased 17% from increased spot market activity while load volumes decreased 1%. While continuing to meet its customer commitments, increased spot market activity created a better balance between contractual and spot revenues.

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$JBHT's revenue from Dedicated Contract Services for 3Q17 increased 11% from last year. Increased revenue from better integration of assets between customer accounts and customer rate increases was partially offset by lower productivity at new contracts implemented during the current quarter.

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$JBHT's revenue from Intermodal for 3Q17 increased 8% from last year. This reflects the 6% volume growth and about 2% increase in revenue per load, which is the combination of changes in customer rate, freight mix and fuel surcharges. Revenue per load excluding fuel surcharges was flat compared to the prior year period.

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$JBHT posted net income for 3Q17 of $100.4MM or $0.91 per share, down from $109.4MM or $0.97 per share last year. Operating revenue grew 9% to $1.84Bil, on load growth in Intermodal, higher revenue producing trucks and improved asset productivity in Dedicated Contract Services, and rise in revenue per load in Integrated Capacity Solutions.

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$JBHT reported a drop in 3Q17 earnings due to rises in driver wages and recruiting costs, higher rail purchase transportation rates, higher insurance and claims costs, as well as increased legal and consulting costs. It also includes higher equipment maintenance costs and acquisition and integration costs incurred by Dedicated Contract Services.

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In 1Q17, $JBHT's net capex was $91MM vs. $114MM a year ago. Net interest expense rose 6% due to higher effective interest rates on debt. Integrated Capacity Solutions (ICS) segment revenue jumped 14% to $209MM. Truck (JBT) segment revenue, however, went down 2% to $94MM. At March 31, 2017, JBHT had cash and cash equivalents of $12MM.

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$JBHT posted a 1Q17 net earnings of $102.7MM, or diluted EPS of $0.92 vs. $100.1MM or $0.88 per diluted share a year ago. Total operating revenue for the quarter was $1.63Bil, up 7%. Intermodal (JBI) segment revenue rose 5% to $937MM, while Dedicated Contract Services (DCS) segment revenue grew 10% to $392MM.

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$JBHT's Truck revenue for 4Q16 declined 3% from last year. Revenue excluding fuel surcharges decreased 3% primarily from a 3% decline in rate per mile due to core customer rate decreases of about 1.4% and freight mix changes. At the end of the period, $JBHT's Truck operated 2,128 tractors compared to 2,149 a year ago.

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$JBHT's Integrated Capacity Solutions revenue for 4Q16 grew by 22% from last year, mostly due to a 38% jump in volume offset by a 12% decrease in revenue per load and freight mix changes driven by customer demand. Contractual volumes represent about 75% of the total load volume and 62% of total revenue in 4Q16.

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$JBHT's Dedicated Contract Services revenue for 4Q16 increased 8%. Productivity, defined as revenue per truck per week, rose about 5%. Productivity excluding fuel surcharges rose 3% on improved integration of assets between customer accounts, fewer unseated trucks, increased customer supply chain fluidity and customer rate increases.

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$JBHT's Intermodal total volumes for 4Q16 grew 5% YoverY. Eastern network loads were flat and transcontinental loads increased 9%. Revenue increased 3%, on volume growth of 5% and a 2% decrease in revenue per load. Revenue per load excluding fuel surcharges decreased about 2% compared to a year ago.

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$JBHT reported a rise in 4Q16 earnings driven by a one-time after tax benefit for a change in its paid time off policy and lower effective income tax rate. Net income rose to $117.56MM or $1.05 per share from $116.75MM or $1.01 per share last year. Revenue grew to $1.72Bil from $1.62Bil.

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$JBHT JB Hunt Transport Services Earnings Infographic: Q3 2016 Highlights

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