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$PNR, which competes with $CAT and $DE, said that the ERICO acquisition which happened during 3Q15, met the company's income expectations, including synergies. The company says that 2016 will see headwinds with the absence of two energy projects and expects 1H16 softness continuing the short cycle industrial business.

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$CAT BoD maintains the quarterly cash dividend of $0.78 per share of common stock, payable February 20, 2018, to shareholders of record on January 22, 2018.

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$CAT expects Construction Industries sales for FY17 to be up 20% from 10-15%, mainly due to higher end-user demand across all regions. Sales for Resource Industries is expected to be up 30% versus 20-25%, mainly due to the higher expectation for aftermarket parts sales. Energy & Transportation sales is expected to be up by about 10% from 5-10%.

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During 3Q17, $CAT's order activity remained strong across all regions and the backlog increased significantly from 3Q16 and 2Q17 by about $500MM and $300MM respectively.

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$CAT sales rose 25% YoY during 3Q17. This quarter also marked the strongest QoQ sales and revenue growth since 2011. Most of the increase in sales and volume was driven from higher end-user demand as well as the favorable changes to dealer inventory.

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For FY17, $CAT expects its sales and revenues of about $44MM. Profit per share is expected to be about $4.60 and adjusted profit per share of about $6.25. The company now expects to incur about $1.3Bil of restructuring costs.

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$CAT's sales across all regions increased during 3Q17 with Asia/Pacific reporting 31% increase in sales. Nearly half of the sales improvement came from China that was due to increased building construction and infrastructure investment. Sales improved 27% in North America.

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The key revenue drivers of $CAT during 3Q17 were the Construction Industries segment that generated $4.85Bil of revenue, up 37% compared to 3Q16, followed by Energy & Transportation segment revenue that rose 12% YoY to $3.96Bil.

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Construction company $CAT's profit surged during 3Q17, helped by increased demand for equipment and strong sales in China. Profits seen a four-fold increase to $1.06Bil, or $1.77 per share during the qaurter, versus $283MM, or $0.48 per share in 3Q16. Revenue surged 25% YoY to $11.4Bil. Excluding restructuring costs $CAT earned $1.95 per share.

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$CAT Caterpillar Earnings AlphaGraphics: Q3 2017 Highlights

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$CAT maintains its quarterly dividend of $0.78 per share of common stock. The dividend is payable on November 20,2017 to shareholders of record on October 23, 2017.

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$CAT's BoD appointed Suzette Long as its general counsel and corporate secretary, with immediate effect. Long has provided interim leadership to $CAT's Law and Public Policy group since mid-February. The group she will lead includes Legal Services Division and Global Government & Corporate Affairs Division.

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The BoD of $CAT has elected Kelly Ayotte as its member with immediate effect. Ayotte, a former U.S. senator, will be joining 13 other members on the BoD and be a member of the Public Policy & Governance Committee.

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$CAT Group President and CFO Brad Halverson has elected to retire in early 2018, concluding a career spanning over three decades with the company. The company will launch a global, external search to fill the CFO position. Halverson will continue working into early 2018 to help ensure a smooth transition.

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$CAT expects Construction Industries sales for FY17 to be up 10-15% compared to previous outlook of flat to up 5%. This is mainly driven by increased demand in China and North America. Sales for Resource Industries is expected to be up 20-25% and Energy and Transportation sales is expected to be up 5-10%.

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$CAT incurred $169MM restructuring costs during 2Q17, $30MM higher than 2Q16. The company also had a pre-tax gain of $85MM during the quarter, linked to the sale of investment in IronPlanet.

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During 2Q17, $CAT reported increased sales in its three primary product segments. Construction Industry sales were up 11% to $4.9Bil, helped by higher sales volume in Asia Pacific and Latin America. Resource Industries reported 21% growth in sales followed by Energy and Transportation that reported 5% growth in sales during the quarter.

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$CAT Caterpillar Earnings AlphaGraphics: Q2 2017 Highlights

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$CAT, that is still under investigation by IRS, raised its FY17 sales and revenues guidance to about $42-44Bil from $38-41Bil, with a midpoint of  $43Bil. The company expects its FY17 profit per share to be about $3.50 and adjusted profit per share to be about $5.00.

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Construction and mining equipment maker $CAT reported 10% rise in its 2Q17 sales and revenues to $11.33Bil. This increase was mainly due to higher sales volume, especially in Construction Industries. Net income rose 46% to $802MM, or $1.35 per share, compared to $550MM, or $0.93 per share during 2Q16. Excluding items, $CAT earned $1.49 per share.

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$RPM appointed Julie Lagacy to its BoD, effective immediately, and has nominated Robert Livingston as a director candidate for election to the board at its annual stockholders' meeting on Oct. 5, 2017. Lagacy is VP of global information services and CIO at $CAT, and Livingston is president and CEO of $DOV.

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