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$ORLY 1Q15 10-Q: Cash and cash equivalents at end of the period were $473.65MM vs. $511.83MM in 1Q14. Net increase in cash and cash equivalents in 1Q15 was $223.086MM.

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$ORLY O’Reilly Automotive, Inc. Earnings AlphaGraphic: Q3 2017 Highlights

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During 1Q17, $ORLY repurchased 1.8MM shares of its common stock, at an average price per share of $268.09, for a total investment of $490MM. Subsequent to the end of 1Q17 and as of April 27, 2017 $ORLY repurchased an additional 0.3MM shares of its common stock for a total investment of $76MM.

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$ORLY said that for FY17 the company expects its total revenue to be in the range of $9.1-9.3Bil and diluted EPS to be about $12.05-12.15. CapEx for FY17 is expected in the range of $470-500MM, while free cash flow is expected in the range of $930-980MM. For 2Q17, $ORLY expects diluted EPS in the range of $3.10-3.20.

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Auto parts retailer $ORLY posted higher 1Q17 earnings, driven by higher revenue. Net income rose 3.75% to $264.93MM or $2.83 per share from $255.34MM or $2.59 per share a year ago. Sales for the quarter increased 2.87% YoY to $2.16Bil.

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$ORLY said the do-it-for-me (DIFM) business is growing a little faster on a macro basis than the DIY business. The company believes it has been gaining slightly more share on the DIY side than the DIFM side. Geographically, $ORLY is growing well in expansion markets like the Southeast and Northeast and is gaining more market share in these areas.

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For 4Q16, $ORLY opened 69 net new stores bringing the company to its goal of 210 new stores for 2016. During 2016, the company opened new stores in 39 different states. $ORLY has planned new store openings in 37 states for 2017. The growth will be concentrated in the newer expansion markets in the Northeast, Florida and the mid-Atlantic.

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In 4Q16, $ORLY’s comparable store sales grew 4.8%. The comp store sales growth was at the high end of the company’s guidance of 3-5%. Operating profit was 19.4% in 4Q16. $ORLY continued to see solid performance in key hard part categories such as brakes and chassis.

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For FY17, $ORLY expects its revenue to be about $9.1-9.3Bil and diluted EPS to be about $12.05-12.15. The company expects to open 190 new stores during FY17. $ORLY anticipates its FY17 comparable store sales to be 3-5%.

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Auto parts retailer $ORLY reported 13% rise in its 4Q16 earnings, helped by increased in revenue. The company's net income rose to $246MM from $219MM during 4Q15. Diluted EPS rose 18% YoY to $2.59 from $2.19. Sales for the quarter rose 8% YoY to $2.10Bil.

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$ORLY said Bond Auto Parts has a distribution center in Vermont, which $ORLY will utilize for some time. The company plans to leverage its distribution capacity in Massachussetts. $ORLY has entered into various lease agreements and intends to run the Bond stores as leased properties.

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$ORLY announced it has entered into an agreement to purchase Bond Auto Parts. The transaction is expected to be completed before the end of 2016.

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$ORLY added 52 new stores in 3Q16 bringing the net new store count to 141 for 2016. YTD, the company has opened or acquired stores in 35 different states including its first two stores in Rhode Island. Included in the YTD new store additions was the acquisition of Frank’s Auto Supermarket.

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$ORLY saw a comparable store sales growth of 4.2% in 3Q16. Operating margin was 20.2%. The professional and do-it-yourself (DIY) sides of the business contributed equally to comparable store sales growth. The company saw solid increases in comparable ticket average and transaction count during the quarter.

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For 4Q16, $ORLY expects comparable store sales growth of 3-5% and diluted EPS of $2.44-2.54. For 2016, comparable store sales growth is expected to be 4-5%. Total revenue is expected to be $8.5-8.6Bil and diluted EPS is expected to be $10.58-10.68 in 2016.

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Automotive supplies retailer $ORLY reported an increase in 3Q16 earnings. Net income increased 5% to $278MM and diluted EPS increased 10% to $2.90 compared to 3Q15. Sales increased 7% to $2.22Bil versus last year.

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$ORLY expects full-year 2016 avg. SG&A per store to increase approx. 2% from 2015. The company is reiterating its GM guidance of 52.3-52.7% of sales for the full year. For full-year 2016, the company expects its tax rate to be 36.8% of pretax income. $ORLY expects 3Q16 tax rate to be approx. 35.8% of pretax income.

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$ORLY opened 89 net new stores in 1H16. The company generated $194MM of free cash flow for 2Q16. During 2Q16, $ORLY repurchased 2.1MM shares of stock at an avg. cost of $262.17 per share. Effective tax rate was 36.9% of pretax income in 2Q16.

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Missouri-based company $ORLY said 2Q16 comparable store sales growth was in line with its guidance of 3-5%. Total company sales grew 7%. Operating margin was 19.5% and EPS grew 16%. The professional and DIY sides contributed to the comparable store sales growth. $ORLY saw increases in comparable ticket avg. and transaction count.

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$ORLY expects 3Q16 EPS of $2.77-2.87 and comparable store sales growth of 3-5%. For 2016, $ORLY still expects total revenue of $8.4-8.6Bil and comparable store sales growth of 3-5%. $ORLY raised its 2016 EPS guidance to $10.30-10.70 from prior range of $10.10-10.50. The company still sees FY16 CapEx of $460-490MM and free cash flow of $800-850MM.

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Auto parts retailer $ORLY reported a rise in 2Q16 earnings driven by higher sales and a 4.3% increase in comparable store sales. Net income rose to $257.79MM or $2.65 per share from $233.51MM or $2.29 per share last year. Sales grew to $2.18Bil from $2.04Bil.

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