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$UNFI said that its YTD cash flow was $176.5MM, representing the strongest YTD cash flow generation in the company's history. In 3Q16, integration efforts for Global Organic and Nor-Cal started off strong. $UNFI's fresh distribution network, capital structure, breadth of product offering all contribute to the company's position in the marketplace.

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$UNFI said that it has not provided the CapEx guidance for FY18. In the past, the company had said that CapEx would be around 1% of sales over the longer term. The company hasn't mentioned about the need to build any new warehouses in the near feature.

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$UNFI completed the integration of Haddon House and Gourmet Guru during 3Q17. Deflation was an headwind in the quarter. The general lack of inflation led to a short term pressure on gross margin dollars. Recently, the company restructured Produce business. $UNFI expects to incur restructuring charges of $3-4MM before taxes during 4Q17.

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$UNFI revised its FY17 guidance. The company expects net sales to be in the range of $9.29-9.24Bil, up 9.7-10.3% from FY16.

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Organic and specialty foods distributor $UNFI reported 4.4% drop in its 3Q17 earnings to $36.6MM from $38.3MM during 3Q16. Diluted EPS fell 5.2% to $0.72 from $0.76 during prior year period. Net sales rose 11% YoY to $237.5MM. Excluding items, $UNFI earned $0.77 per share.

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For FY17, $UNFI expects net sales to be approx. $9.38-9.46Bil, an increase of approx. 10.7-11.7% over FY16. $UNFI expects diluted EPS to be $2.49-2.54 and adjusted diluted EPS to be approx. $2.53-2.58 in FY17.

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$UNFI reported a 12.3% increase in 2Q17 earnings. Net income was $25.5MM or $0.50 per share compared to $22.6MM or $0.45 per share in 2Q16. Net sales increased 11.6% to $2.29Bil compared to last year.

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$UNFI's total fuel costs fell 11 bps as a percent of net sales, which represents 43 bps of distribution net sales. The Department of Energy's national average price per gallon for diesel was down approx. 5.5% or $0.14 per gallon. Share-based compensation expense represented 29 bps of net sales.

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Regarding the competitive environment, $UNFI said it sees more retailers focused on improving the in-store experience and deploying their capital into getting consumers into the stores and buying in the stores. The company believes that captive is only a phenomena that affects less than 30% of its business.

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$UNFI's supernatural's net sales were up 4.6% from a year ago, representing 32.8% of total net sales. Supermarket channel net sales grew 13.5%, representing 28.6% of total net sales. The independent channel grew 10% and represented 27.3% of total sales. Food service sales were up 8.1% and e-commerce grew about 22.4%.

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$UNFI estimate acquisitions contributed about 0.8% to net sales growth in 1Q17, excluding the impact of its global organic business, which was fully integrated into Albert's business. The company experienced modest deflation of 13 bps, which represents first quarter of deflation in atleast 7 years.

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$UNFI still expects FY17 net sales of about $9.43-9.60Bil, an increase of about 11.3-13.3% over FY16. The company estimates GAAP EPS of about $2.53-2.63 in FY17 compared to FY16 GAAP EPS of $2.50.

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$UNFI's gross margin for 1Q17 grew 20 basis points YoverY, due to the favorable impact of acquisitions completed in the past twelve months. Despite YoverY improvement, 1Q17 gross margin continued to face headwinds from moderated supplier promotional activity, competitive pricing pressures and reduced fuel surcharges.

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Organic and specialty foods distributor $UNFI reported a drop in 1Q17 earnings due to higher costs from acquired businesses and restructuring costs. Net income slid to $29.22MM or $0.58 per share from $30.13MM or $0.60 per share last year. Net sales grew to $2.28Bil from $2.08Bil. Adjusted net sales increased by 12.9%.

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$UNFI said its President and Chief Executive Officer, Steven L. Spinner, was appointed Chairman of the company's Board of Directors, effective following its Annual Meeting of Stockholders in December 2016.

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Bofa Merrill Lynch analyst Robby Ohmes probes whether the 7-8% from acquisitions is already announced, or for FY17, if that includes other acquisitions yet to be announced. $UNFI responds that it does not include any acquisitions that haven't been announced. It's the continuation of acquisitions made in FY16 & includes the addition of Gourmet Guru.

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Oppenheimer analyst Rupesh Parikh questions about the EBITDA or EPS contribution related to FY17 acquisitions. $UNFI states that it has not given a specific guidance related to the acquisition on EPS line, it's definitely accretive to the results. EBITDA margin wise, they are relatively neutral to the overall business in terms of contribution.

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Guggenheim analyst John Heinbockel asks how much of the $1Bil of renewed business was previously done directly by retail customers vs. other distributors. $UNFI answers that majority of $1Bil was related to renewals, extensions and expansions. They don't really relate to new contract wins or renegotiation of new contracts.

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$UNFI's 4Q16 GM came in at 15.6%, up 25 BP over 4Q15, driven by acquisitions. Excluding acquisitions, GM would have been down for the quarter, as the company continues to face competitive pricing pressure, moderated supplier promotional activity and reduction in fuel surcharges. Total fuel cost fell 15 BP as a percent of net sales vs. 4Q15.

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During 4Q16, inflation was essentially flat at 3 BP vs. 4Q15, marking the lowest level of quarterly inflation in at least 7 years. While $UNFI saw modest inflation in its center-of-the-store, it experienced deflation across its fresh business. Channel-wise, supernaturals net sales rose 4% vs. 4Q15, representing approx. 33% of total sales.

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In FY17, $UNFI will continue building out its store initiative and will work to integrate its recent acquisition. The company will continue to build out its platform with selective and opportunistic M&A. During FY16, $UNFI recycled 24,700 tons of waste and diverted 76% of operational waste from landfill, a 9% improvement over FY15.

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