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In 2Q16, $DF said its total volume across all products of 632MM gallons was in line with its expectations. The company added that the declines in its fluid milk products were mainly due to large format private label volumes it chose to exit. Branded white milk volumes in all channels was flat YoverY & there was an increase in flavored milk volume.

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$DF announced the departure of Chris Bellairs, EVP and CFO, from the company effective Sept. 1, 2017. Scott Vopni, SVP and Chief Accounting Officer, will assume Bellairs' responsibilities in the interim, while the company searches for a new CFO. Vopni currently leads the accounting team and oversees the finance functions of the company.

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$DF acquired a leading organic juice company Uncle Matt's Organic. Uncle Matt's Organic will continue operating the business out of its offices in Clermont, Florida, as a subsidiary of $DF. In addition to the brand, Uncle Matt - Matt McLean also will be joining $DF to continue his leadership of this brand into the future.

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$DF reaffirms FY17 adjusted diluted EPS of $1.35-1.55. The company said it remains focused on executing commercial and cost productivity initiatives.

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Food and beverage company $DF reported 1Q17 net loss of $10MM, or $0.11 per share, compared to net income of $39MM, or $0.43 per share during 1Q16. Net sales rose to $1.99Bil. Excluding items, $DF earned $0.13 per share.

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$DF announced a minority investment and a distribution deal with Good Karma Foods, a producer of flaxseed-based milk and yogurt alternatives. The partnership with $DF will allow Good Karma to more quickly expand distribution across the U.S., as well as increase investments in brand building and product innovation.

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$DF said its iconic Mayfield Creamery ice cream brand is expanding further across the southern U.S. to a collection of new markets in Texas, Oklahoma, Arizona and New Mexico. $DF also announced a brand restage initiative that takes Mayfield back to its roots, including restoring the name of the 94-year-old brand to Mayfield Creamery.

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In 1Q17, $DF expects dairy commodity inflation of nearly 20% and a roughly 1% decline in total volume performance versus prior year. As $DF continues to invest in strategic initiatives and brand building for future growth, the company expects 1Q17 adjusted EPS of $0.12-0.20.

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$DF expects 2017 adjusted EPS of $1.35-1.55. The company's 2017 growth and productivity agendas are robust and will ramp up through the year, driving a larger portion of its earnings into the back half.

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$DF reported a rise in 4Q16 earnings driven by lower costs and expenses. Net income grew to $32.83MM or $0.36 per share from $18.48MM or $0.20 per share last year. Net sales slid to $2.018Bil from $2.023Bil. Adjusted EPS increased to $0.38 from $0.36.

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$DF's raw milk costs was down about 8% to $15.11 per hundred-weight. The company believes October to be the peak month and expects raw milk cost of $15.96 per hundred-weight for 4Q16, down approx. 2% from a year ago.

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$DF's total volume was 651MM gallons across all products, down 1% from a year ago, healthiest YoverY performance in at least 4 years. Packaged ice cream sales increased 2%, helped by 10% market share, while fluid milk sales declined 2.2%.

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$DF forecast adjusted diluted earnings of between $0.37 and $0.45 per share for 4Q16. The company said it expects improving volume performance, backed by pricing and cost discipline, to deliver its eighth consecutive quarter of year-over-year adjusted operating income improvement in the quarter.

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Food and beverage company $DF reported a lower quarterly profit, hurt by lower revenue. The company reported 3Q16 EPS of $0.16 compared with $0.22 a year ago. Revenue fell to $1.96Bil from $2.03Bil.

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$DF said that Ralph Scozzafava, EVP and COO, will succeed Gregg Tanner as the company's CEO and as a member of the company's BoD, effective Jan. 1, 2017. To carry out a smooth transition, Gregg Tanner will remain as an adviser to the company through the Annual Stockholders Meeting in May 2017.

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Alexia Howard with Sanford Bernstein asks if the category volumes are expected to stay flat going forward or rebound. $DF said that thinking about the category as a whole the same turnaround is seen as in butter to some degree. $DF concluded that it doesn't think it's going to flatten out but will continue to grow over the next few quarters.

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Farha Aslam form Stephens asks about the increased perspective on the opportunity in the company's distribution chain. $DF said it is starting to see that with the 144 assets that have come off the road in 1H16 and the 240 odd assets since a year ago. $DF is proud of the work the logistics team is doing and expects it to continue going forward.

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John Baumgartner of Wells Fargo asks if any changes or improvements have been made in the company's pricing mechanisms. $DF said that the company has put in a pricing team that has got some new tools that has made $DF more effective in its pricing. Secondly, the investment made behind the brands have allowed to expand margins.

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$DF said that in 3Q16, the company expects a sequential increase of 11% in the cost of Class I raw milk and on a YoverY basis, the company expects total volume declines to improve significantly versus the recent trends. Looking forward, $DF expects volume growth to move into positive territory in 4Q16.

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$DF said it continues to drive a favorable mix in its branded vs. private label white milk mix and for 2Q16, averaged 35%, up 80 BP from a year ago. $FD said that on the free cash flow front, the company generated $80MM in free cash flow from continuing operations and has delivered seven consecutive quarters of positive free cash flow since 4Q14.

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In 2Q16, $DF said its total volume across all products of 632MM gallons was in line with its expectations. The company added that the declines in its fluid milk products were mainly due to large format private label volumes it chose to exit. Branded white milk volumes in all channels was flat YoverY & there was an increase in flavored milk volume.

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