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$ZUMZ stated that North America sales grew $0.4MM or 0.2% to $165.9MM and European sales decreased $1.2MM or 8.5% to $12.3MM. During 2Q16, the company added 9 new stores in North America and 1 in Europe. Total store count as of Aug. 27, 2016 was 674, including 649 in North America and 25 in Europe.

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In 1Q17, $ZUMZ’s net sales in North America increased 3.9% to $162.5MM. International net sales, which consist of Europe and Australia, increased 12.5% to $18.6MM. The company’s gross profit was $52MM, up 4.2% versus 1Q16. Gross margin was 28.7%, down 20BP from a year ago.

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During 1Q17, $ZUMZ’s net sales increased 4.7% compared to 1Q16. After a difficult February, comp sales turned positive in March and accelerated to high single digit growth in April driven by the later Easter holiday this year. $ZUMZ saw an increase in transaction volume partially offset by a decrease in dollars per transaction.

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$ZUMZ expects 2Q17 net sales of $185-189MM and loss per share of about $0.11-0.06. This forecast is based on an expected comparable sales growth of 1-3%. The company now plans to open about 19 new stores in FY17, including up to 3 stores in Canada, 4 stores in Europe and 2 stores in Australia.

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$ZUMZ said the combination of its authentic brand positioning, on-trend merchandise assortments, engaging sales experiences and advanced omni-channel capabilities contributed to 1Q17 comparable sales growth of 1.8% that were towards the high-end of the company's guidance range.

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$ZUMZ reported a wider loss in 1Q17 due to higher costs and expenses, despite a rise in net sales. Net loss widened to $4.45MM or $0.18 per share from $2.14MM or $0.08 per share last year. Net sales grew to $181.16MM from $172.97MM. Comparable sales increased 1.8%.

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Specialty retailer $ZUMZ's total net sales for the five-week period ended April 1, 2017 increased 4.3% to $71.7MM YoY. Comparable sales rose 1.1% during the period, better than comparable sales decrease of 7.8% in the year-ago period.

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For 1Q17, $ZUMZ expects net sales to be about $178-182MM resulting in a net loss per share of approx. $0.17-0.21.

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Retailer $ZUMZ reported 38.3% rise in its 4Q16 earnings, helped by increase in net sales. The company's net income rose to $18.2MM, or $0.74 per share, compared to $13.1MM, or $0.50 per share during 4Q15. Net sales during the quarter rose 8.7% YoY to $263.6MM. Comp sales rose 5.1% during the quarter.

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$ZUMZ said that total net sales for the month of January 2017 grew 14.3% to $49.4MM from $43.2MM last year. Comparable sales increased 9.4% for the month of January 2017. For 4Q16, $ZUMZ now expects EPS to be at or slightly above the high-end of its prior forecast of $0.60-0.66, based on slightly higher than expected sales.

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$ZUMZ said positive product margins were a result of a combination of things including mix. As the company moves towards the apparel-driven side of its business, the margins tend to be higher. $ZUMZ saw good product margin gains in 3Q16 and is projecting some additional product margin increases in the 4Q16 guidance.

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$ZUMZ's total net sales for the four-week period in November 26, 2016 rose 10.3% to $69.3MM versus the four-week period in November 28, 2015. Comparable sales increased 5.7% during the four-week period in November 26, 2016, compared to a comparable sales decrease of 13.8% for the four-week period in November 28, 2015.

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In 3Q16, $ZUMZ’s net sales were driven by gains in the men’s, accessories, and junior’s categories, while hardgoods and footwear comped down for the quarter. North America net sales increased 7.8% to $202.9MM, and other international net sales, which now consists of Europe and Australia, increased 14.6% to $18.5MM.

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During 3Q16, $ZUMZ opened 10 stores, including seven in North America and three in Europe, and acquired five stores in Australia, bringing the total store growth for 2016 to 31. In North America, $ZUMZ anticipates its new store openings will further slow in 2017, as it focuses on maximizing the impact of each store in its own geographic trade area.

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$ZUMZ projects 4Q16 net sales to be in the range of $258-263MM and net income per diluted share in the range of $0.60-0.66. Comparable sales is expected to be in the range of 3-5%.

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$ZUMZ posted 3Q16 earnings of $10.7MM, or $0.43 per diluted share, up 10.3% from a year ago. Net sales increased 8.4% to $221.4MM and comparable sales grew 4%, helped by a solid back-to-school selling season and continued to accelerate as 3Q16 progressed.

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$ZUMZ said total net sales for month of September grew 11.5% to $75MM from $67.3MM last year. Comparable sales increased 6.3%. Looking ahead, $ZUMZ raised its 3Q16 net sales outlook to $216-217MM from prior estimate of $209-213MM and its EPS guidance to $0.29-0.30 from $0.21-0.26. The forecast is based on higher than planned sales quarter-to-date.

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Jeff Van Sinderen of B. Riley asks about SG&A for 2017. CFO Chris Work declined to provide guidance for 2017, but said that $ZUMZ is going to take a very detailed approach to planning 2017 to make sure that the company is making the right investments over the long term, but managing costs based on where the results of the business are.

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$ZUMZ expects full year 2016 CapEx to be $24-26MM with the majority of its capital spend dedicated to new store openings and planned remodels. D&A is expected to be approx. $29MM, slightly below 2015. The company assumes an annual effective tax of about 37.5%, and projects its diluted outstanding share count for 2016 to be about 25MM shares.

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$ZUMZ's 3Q16 gross margin is expected to fall 75-125 BPs versus 3Q15, due mainly to deleveraging of store occupancy costs. Consolidated operating margins are expected to be 4-5%. For 2016, the company expects product margins to improve from 2015, with the largest YoverY opportunity in 4Q16. $ZUMZ plans SG&A to grow at a greater rate than in 2015.

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$ZUMZ said total net sales for the four-week period ended Aug. 27, 2016 grew 2.6% to $89.5MM, versus $87.3MM for the four-week period ended Aug. 29, 2015. Comparable sales decreased 1.1% during the four-week period ended Aug. 27, 2016, compared to a comparable sales decrease of 10.7% for the four-week period ended Aug. 29, 2015.

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