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$FAST 2Q15 Call – Dan, CFO: Operating cash YTD, 97.5% of earnings. Doing nice job managing growth of inventory. We want to invest some additional inventory dollars. A lot of big distribution projects are behind us with automation in bunch of our DCs over the last three years. We feel good about CapEx in first six months of this year.

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$FAST said some incremental pricing might slip into 3Q17 before the costs catch up in 4Q17. The company, meanwhile, declined to give specifics on gross margin for these quarters, citing a mix of influencing factors.

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$FAST Fastenal Company Earnings AlphaGraphic: Q2 2017 Highlights

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Industrial supplies company $FAST reported 13% YoY growth in net sales in June, 2017, to $394.3MM. Daily sales growth was 12.5% in the US and 12.9% in North America during this period.

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During 2Q17, $FAST purchased 1.3MM shares of its common stock at an average price of approx $43.62 per share.

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$FAST's daily sales of fastener products represented 36.1% of sales in 2Q17. It grew 7.9% in total, of which, 3.6 percentage points were attributable to the recently acquired Manufacturers Supply Company business. Its daily sales of non-fastener products, which represented 63.9% of sales, grew 12.2%.

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Wholesale distributor of industrial and construction supplies $FAST reported 10.6% growth in revenue in 2Q17 to $1.12Bil, driven primarily by higher unit sales. Net earnings improved to $148.9MM, or $0.52 per share, compared to $131.5MM, or $0.45 per share. Operating income, as a percentage of net sales, improved to 21.2% from 20.6%.

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$FAST declared a dividend of $0.32 per share to be paid on August 23, 2017 to shareholders of record on July 26, 2017.

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$FAST reported net sales for the month of April 2017 of $343.75MM, up 3.7% from last year.  Daily sales grew 8.9% to $17.19MM from $15.79MM.

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$FAST said for the bulk of its business, the gross margins range from mid 30s to low 60s. The company also has a low cost structure for freight. $FAST tries to offset gross margin reduction through better sourcing, lowering of trucking costs and growing its exclusive brand offerings.

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$FAST's gross profit, as a percentage of net sales, declined 40BP to 49.4% in 1Q17. The most significant reason for the decline in gross profit was a change in customer and product mix. Higher freight expenses and expenses related to the final stage of a new inventory tracking system also contributed to the lower gross profit.

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$FAST signed 64 new Onsite locations in 1Q17, an increase of 33.3% versus 1Q16. The company currently has 437 active Onsite locations which is a 51% increase from last year. $FAST aims to sign 275-300 Onsites in 2017. The company also aims to sign 22,000-24,000 vending machines in 2017.

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In 1Q17, $FAST signed 5,437 industrial vending machines, up 17%.  Sales of fastener products, which represented 35.6% of net sales, grew 0.8%. Non-fastener products sales, which represented 64.4% of net sales, increased by 9.4%. At quarter end, total number stores went down to 2480 from 2626 a year ago.

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Industrial supplies distributor $FAST posted a 6.3% rise in net earnings of $134.2MM for 1Q17, up from $126.2MM a year ago. Improved sales at existing store locations, growth in our industrial vending business, and growth in new and existing onsite locations helped total sales rise 6.2% to $1.05Bil. Diluted net EPS moved 6.2% up to $0.46.

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$FAST BoD declared a dividend of $0.32 per share to be paid in cash on May 24, 2017 to shareholders of record at the close of business on April 26, 2017.

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$FAST posted Feb. 2017 net sales of $324.76MM, a 1.1% rise from $321.25MM a year ago. Daily sales went up 6.1% to $16.238MM.

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$FAST agreed to buy certain assets of industrial and fastener supply distributor Manufacturer's Supply Co. (Mansco). $FAST said the transaction should be accretive in the first twelve months, though it should not be material to EPS.

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$FAST agreed to buy certain assets of industrial and fastener supply distributor Manufacturer's Supply Co. The company is headquartered in Hudsonville, Michigan and has additional facilities in Madison, Alabama and McAllen, Texas. The agreement includes several conditions to close, and $FAST expects to close by the end of March.

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$FAST reported net sales of $336MM for January 2017, an increase of 9% compared to January 2016. Daily sales were $16MM, up 3.8% compared to January 2016. Total business days were 21 days in January 2017 versus 20 in January 2016.

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$FAST reported net sales of $336.04MM in January 2017, up 9% from January 2016. Daily sales were $16MM in January 2017 up 3.8% from January 2016. Total store count at the end of January 2017 was 2,505 stores.

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$FAST said in the Wisconsin and Illinois business units, about 35% of revenue comes through the Onsite type of strategy. Onsite is a multi-year endeavor and it is incremental. The company is focusing on building momentum back into its business and getting traction in Onsite is a big part of this strategy.

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