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$KSU 2Q15 Call – Pat, President: On July 9, 2015, we began operations at our new Wylie Intermodal Terminal outside of Dallas. On June 8, we announced an agreement with Sasol for the construction and long-term lease of the storage and transit yard to support Sasol’s $8.1Bil Ethane Cracker plant.

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Ginger Adamiak has been named $KSU's VP, sales and marketing for energy and short-line operations, while Darin Selby has been named VP, intermodal operations. Selby will succeed Morris Godwin, who announced his retirement, effective Sept 1. Their appointments are effective the same date.

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$KSU appointed Ginger Adamiak as VP, Sales & Marketing for the Energy and Short Line Relations business unit and Darin Selby as VP, Intermodal Operations. Mr. Selby replaces Morris Godwin who has announced his retirement effective September 1. Ms. Adamiak and Mr. Selby report to EVP and Chief Marketing Officer, Brian Hancock.

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$KSU Kansas City Southern Earnings AlphaGraphics: Q2 2017 Highlights

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During 2Q17, $KSU reported revenue growth across its four commodity groups as higher commodity prices, Mexican automotive production and the emergence of Mexican energy reform supported growth. Energy reported 90% rise in revenue, followed by Chemical & Petroleum and Industrial & Consumer with increase of 13% and 9% respectively.

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Transportation holding company $KSU reported 12% growth in its 2Q17 profit, mainly helped by higher revenues and volumes. Net income during the quarter rose to $135MM, or $1.27 per share, compared with $121MM, or $1.11 per share, in 2Q16. Revenues rose 15% YoY to $656MM. Carload volumes rose 6%. Excluding items, $KSU earned $1.33 per share.

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$KSU announced today the addition of Mitch Krebs, Lydia Beebe, Janet Kennedy and Henry Maier to its BoDs, effective immediately. The new directors bring the Board to 12 members, of which 11 are independent.

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$KSU said it will spend $24.6MM this year on construction and improvement projects on its rail line through Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas and Louisiana. The work will be completed on its Pittsburg, Heavener and Shreveport subdivisions. The work is expected to begin May 30 and continue through late August.

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$KSU stated that the Chemical & Petroleum segment is performing at or above expectations and the company expects growth in this division. The Industrial & Consumer segment is primarily driven by the paper and steel markets and so they fluctuate but $KSU believes it is competing well. The Agriculture & Minerals and Energy segments are strong.

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$KSU said from a Plastics perspective, the company has been running test shipments for a myriad of companies across a number of different options. The amount of product that will come out of the Gulf region is significant. In terms of shipping to the West and East Coasts of the US and having protection of supply, Mexico is a great opportunity.

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$KSU said many of its new projects in Mexico were well underway before the election results. Based on the customer activity and investment activity, there has been no significant pullback. The company is not pulling back from its capital investment plans until it sees any change in customer investment activity or growth activity.

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$KSU's subsidiary, Kansas City Southern de Mexico filed response to The Investigating Authority of the Mexican Federal Competition Commission preliminary report on effective competition in the Mexican Railway Freight System.

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$KSU's 1Q17 revenues grew in four commodity groups, led by a 64% rise in Energy and a 25% increase in Automotive. Revenues from Chemical & Petroleum and Agriculture & Minerals were also positive with increases of 8% and 6%, respectively. These were partially offset by declines in Intermodal and Industrial & Consumer of 2% and 1%, respectively.

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$KSU reported 1Q17 revenues of $610MM, an increase of 8% YoY, as overall carload volumes rose 6% to 541,000. Net income totaled $147MM, or $1.38 per share, compared with $108MM, or $0.99 per share, in 1Q16. Excluding forex rate fluctuations, EPS was $1.17.

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$KSU said its subsidiary, The Kansas City Southern Railway Co. (KCSR), has appointed Janet Barr as VP human resources. Barr reports to $KSU's SVP human resources Lora Cheatum.

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$KSU expects its export business from the US to grow faster than its import business back into the US. The company was up 8% on cross-border business for 4Q16. $KSU said that it has not changed the outlook for 2017 on the automotive growth and still feels very comfortable.

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$KSU reported that overall headcount was down 1% for 4Q16. The company expects 2017 capital spending to reduce by approx. $30MM from $584MM in 2016 to a range of $550-560MM in 2017. The company does not currently have plans to purchase locomotives in 2017.

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$KSU said that the US refiners exporting fuel into Mexico continues to gain momentum. The company expects this to drive higher shipments of refined products beginning in 2017. $KSU added that its operating performance was not up to its expectations and it saw a deterioration in a terminal dwelled during 4Q16.

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Weakening of Mexican Peso against US dollar will impact $KSU's business, particularly in the international intermodal business. The company added that it recovered some market share lost earlier in the year in its business at Lazaro Cardenas. $KSU believes that currency value is having a negative impact on its overall portfolio pricing.

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$KSU stated that U.S. President's team indicated the company that there will be a process for reshaping America's trade policies, which could include updating NAFTA. The Mexican government has expressed its willingness to begin the process of modernizing the agreement as well.

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$KSU Kansas City Southern Earnings AlphaGraphics: Q4 and FY16 Highlights

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