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$BBT 2Q15 Call – Kelly, Chairman: We expect average total loans from investments held to be an annualized 3-5% in the third quarter on an organic basis, excluding the residential mortgage where we expect it to be 6-8%. Obviously, if you include all the deals, we will have growth that will probably in 30% range.

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$BBT declared dividends of $351.5625 per share on its Series E and Series H Non-Cumulative Perpetual Preferred Stock, and $325 per share on its Series F and Series G Non-Cumulative Perpetual Preferred Stock. All dividends are payable on September 1, 2017 to shareholders of record on August 11, 2017.

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$BBT declared a quarterly common stock cash dividend increase of $0.03-0.33 per share payable Sept. 1, 2017, to shareholders of record on Aug. 11, 2017. $BBT also declared a dividend of $365.625 per share on its Series D Non-Cumulative Perpetual Preferred Stock, payable Sept. 1, 2017, to shareholders of record on Aug. 11, 2017.

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Financial services provider $BBT has renamed Susquehanna Commercial Finance, a former subsidiary, as BB&T Commercial Equipment Capital. Since the bank acquired Susquehanna Bancshares in 2015, Susquehanna Commercial Finance has operated as a division of Branch Banking and Trust Company. It will continue to do so.

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$BBT continues to make investment in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotics, and is engaging with experts specialized in this area to help the firm adapt to that technology. The company believes adaptation of AI and robotics will keep a tight lid on the expenses. It expects Capex in $400-500MM range for 2017 with majority going into technology.

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$BBT's net income from Community Banking segment was up 10% to $334MM in 1Q17, while that from Residential Mortgage Banking increased 9% to $48MM. Meanwhile, Treasury and Corporate and Other segments together recorded a loss of $173MM, compared to a profit of $58MM in 1Q16.

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$BBT's noninterest expense in 1Q17 was $2.1Bil, up $434MM compared to prior-year quarter. Average loans and leases held for investment were $142Bil vs $142.3Bil in 1Q16. Meanwhile, average deposits were slightly up to $161.4Bil.

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$BBT's net income in 1Q17 comprised one-off items including a loss on the early extinguishment of higher-cost FHLB advances of $392MM ($246MM after tax), pre-tax merger-related and restructuring charges of $36MM ($22MM after tax), and $35MM of excess tax benefits from equity-based compensation plans.

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Financial services company $BBT reported a dip in 1Q17 earnings due to one-off costs totaling about $233MM. Net income available to common shareholders was down 28% to $378MM, or  $0.46 per share. Sans the one-off items, net income was $0.74 per share. Taxable-equivalent revenues were $2.8Bil, an increase of 12%.

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$BBT said the company is not factoring acquisitions into its 2017 loan growth expectations. In terms of portfolio purchases, the company added that it's part of the company's normal considerations and is not factoring much in 2017.

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$BBT expects core margins to increase 8-10 BP in 1Q17, driven by the federal home loan bank restructuring and favorable asset mix and funding cost and mix changes. GAAP margin is also expected to increase 10-12 BP, while fee income is expected to flat in 1Q17.

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$BBT stated the company is optimistic about the economy going forward, with lower taxes and less regulation. The company also said it expects the loan growth to grow consistently through the year, though it is modest currently.

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$BBT's average deposits for 4Q16 was $160.1Bil, up from $159.5Bil in the previous quarter. Average noninterest-bearing deposits rose $862MM, or 6.8% annualized. Average time deposits declined $125MM, as decreases in IRAs and personal balances were partially offset by higher commercial balances.

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$BBT's average loans held for investment in 4Q16 grew by $1.1Bil to $142.3Bil when compared to the previous quarter. The allowance for loan and lease losses was 1.04% of loans held for investment, a decline of 2 BP compared to the prior quarter.

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Financial services holding company $BBT reported strong earnings growth for 4Q16, helped by good revenue growth and expense control. Net income for the quarter rose 17.92% to $592MM or $0.72 per share from $502MM or $0.64 per share a year ago. Revenue for the quarter rose 8.25% to $2.76Bil.

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$BBT's investment securities balances will continue to run down and the company will probably average its securities down another $2Bil. The company added that they were down about $1Bil linked-quarter, second to third, and maybe down about $2Bil linked quarter from third to fourth.

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$BBT said that net interest income dollars will be down in 4Q16 from 3Q16, due to smaller balance sheet, as the company reduced its securities portfolio. The dollar is probably down in the $20-30MM range on a linked quarter basis.

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$BBT non-interest income rose $34MM sequentially to $1.2Bil. In 3Q16, the company terminated its FDIC loss share agreements associated with Colonial. Consequently, $18MM of expense was recognized in the quarter. Going forward, no FDIC loss share expense will be recognized, said the company.

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$BBT's 3Q16 net interest margin fell 2 BP to 3.39%, while core net interest margin rose to 3.17%. The margin decrease was the result of lower investment yield, which was down 15 BP. In 4Q16, the company expects GAAP margins to decline 3-5 BP, while core margin is expected to remain flat.

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Financial services holding company $BBT posted higher 3Q16 earnings, helped by revenue growth, expense control and interest income growth. $BBT said net income rose 21.7% to $599MM or $0.73 per share from $492MM or $0.64 per share a year ago. Revenue for the quarter rose 13% to $2.84Bil.

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$BBT's average deposits for 3Q16 was $159.5Bil, down $835MM sequentially. Average noninterest-bearing deposits rose $1.8Bil, helped by increases in commercial balances. Average time deposits declined $2.3Bil, hurt by decreases in commercial and personal balances.

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