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During 2Q16, $RL's revenues were up 4% on a constant currency basis and diluted EPS was up 13% compared to year ago excluding one-time charges. In Europe, $RL's revenue was up double-digits in constant currency and the growth was driven by increased sales to both local customers and tourist.

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$RL declared a regular quarterly dividend of $0.50 per share on its common stock, payable on July 14, 2017 to shareholders of record on June 30, 2017.

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$RL sees inventory in 1H18 declining about in the 20% range. The company also expects mid to high single digit global retail sales and comp decline in FY18. Wholesale is expected to decline in the mid teens globally, while e-commerce is expected to decline in the mid teens for FY18.

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$RL said it closed 40 underperforming doors in its retail fleet and is on track to close 20-25% of its US wholesale points of distribution by 2H18. In FY18 the company is forecasting a mid teens decline in global e-commerce comps with lower discount rate and higher GM and continued growth with its digital partners.

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$RL said that for the Spring and Fall 2017, the company reduced the number of SKUs by 20% and focused its investments on its core iconic products. The company also reduced its lead times and now 50% of its business is on a nine-month lead time; $RL is on track to get to 90% by the end of FY18.

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For FY18, $RL sees net revenue to fall 8-9% with an operating margin of 9.0-10.5%, on a tax rate estimated at 25% and capex at $300-320MM. In 1Q18, the fashion brand expects net revenue to be down by low double-digits.

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$RL, which named Patrice Louvet as the new President and CEO on May 17, lowered its inventory levels by 30% and closed 20 stores in 4Q17. Wholesale revenue in the quarter slid 17% to $777MM, while Retail revenue fell 16% to $745MM. Licensing revenue rose 7% to $43MM. Total Ralph Lauren comparable store sales fell 12% in the quarter.

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Following the recent exit of former CEO Stefan Larsson, $RL posted a revenue slump of 16% to $1.6Bil for 4Q17 in a market of changing trends. The slide in revenue pushed the half-century-old fashion empire to a net loss of $204.0MM from last year's net income of $41.3MM. On a diluted basis, the loss was $2.48 a share vs. a profit of $0.49.

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$RL appointed Patrice Louvet as President and CEO. His appointment will become effective July 17, 2017, at which time he will also be appointed to its BoD. Louvet will dual report to Ralph Lauren in his capacity as Executive Chairman of the Board and to its BoD. Louvet most recently served as Group President, Global Beauty at $PG.

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$RL said the decisions, together with actions to continue to streamline the organization, cost structure and real estate portfolio, will result in about $140MM in annualized expense savings, which will also help fund investments for future growth. $RL expects to incur restructuring charges of about $370MM as a result of these new activities.

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$RL said it will close its dedicated Polo store at 711 Fifth Avenue and integrate its product into the Ralph Lauren Men's and Women's flagship stores on Madison Avenue and its downtown locations. The company will continue to operate its seven additional store locations and its flagship Polo Bar Restaurant in New York City.

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$RL announced several key actions as part of the continued execution of its Way Forward Plan to return it to sustainable, profitable growth and continue to move business and iconic brand forward. $RL will move to a more cost-effective, flexible e-commerce platform through a new collaboration with Salesforce's Commerce Cloud (formerly Demandware).

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$RL's BoD declared a regular quarterly dividend of $0.50 per share on its common stock. The dividend is payable on April 13, 2017 to shareholders of record on March 31, 2017.

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$RL CEO said that both Ralph and the Board are committed to continue to execute on the Way Forward plan. The company said it is seeing operating improvements as a result of the plan and it is starting to cut through in the P&L.

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$RL said it is on track to close approx. 50 stores in FY17. The company has closed 12 stores during 3Q17 and 27 year-to-date, putting the company on track to achieve the savings it identified from store closures of approx. $70MM.

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For FY17, $RL expects revenue to decrease at a low double-digit rate as the company executes its Way Forward Plan. Revenue for 4Q17 is expected to be down mid-teens on reported basis. Operating margin for the year is expected to be approx. 10%.

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For 3Q17, $RL's OpEx, excluding restructuring and other related charges, decreased 7% YoY. This was the result of the expense initiatives under the Way Forward plan, including streamlining the organization to reduce headcount, process changes in product development to reduce costs, and closing unprofitable stores to improve profitability of fleet.

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CEO Stefan Larsson leaves $RL after his conversations with Ralph and the Board failed to meet common ground. Stefan said, "Ralph and I both love and respect the DNA of this great brand and we recognized the need to evolve. However, we have found that we have different views on how to evolve the creative and consumer facing parts of the business."

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$RL expects to incur restructuring charges of about $400MM as a result of FY17 restructuring activities and a $150MM inventory charge associated with Way Forward plan. These charges are expected to be substantially realized by end of FY17. In 3Q17, $RL recorded $91MM in restructuring, related impairment and inventory charges.

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