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$AXP's CEO Kenneth Chenault said the company expects 2016 results to be at the high end of the range shared earlier in the year. The expectations for 2017 remain unchanged and $AXP will stay focused on accelerating revenue growth, resetting cost base and optimizing the investments being made in the business.

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$AXP said American Express OPEN has extended its Lowe’s Business Rewards Card program to enable small business Card Members earn rewards and get 5% off at Lowe’s every day when they use the Card on eligible purchases. The Lowe's Business Rewards Card has no annual fee and can help small businesses optimize their business spending.

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$AXP stated that it considers surcharging as consumer-unfriendly. The company believes the new ban on surcharging in the UK is a good policy. It is uncertain whether this has any material impact on $AXP’s ability to grow business in the UK but the company believes this is a positive step longer-term. UK is one of $AXP’s strongest markets.

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$AXP made some changes on the business end-consumer Platinum products in 2H16 and on the consumer product, it offered a range of benefit enhancements that went in at the end of 1Q17. All the costs associated with the significantly higher card member engagement that these changes are driving are reflected in the 2Q17 results.

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In 2Q17, $AXP’s discount revenue was flat YoY and grew 7% on an adjusted basis. The discount rate was 2.44%. Net card fees grew by 8% driven by continued strength in the US Platinum and Delta portfolio as well as growth in Mexico and Japan.

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During 2Q17, $AXP’s total loans were up 11% versus 2Q16. The company continues to steadily grow loans faster than the industry as it captures the particular opportunity it has to grow loans with existing customers while also adding new customers. Looking forward, $AXP is confident on growth based on its existing customer opportunities.

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$AXP's worldwide FX-adjusted billings grew 1% in 2Q17 versus 2Q16. Worldwide billings growth adjusted for the impact of Costco and changes in FX rates was 8%. The billings growth reflects the broadbased growth across diverse segments and geographies with adjusted US billings at 6% and international billings growth in low double digits.

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$AXP American Express Earnings AlphaGraphic: Q2 2017 Highlights

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In 2Q17, $AXP posted total revenues net of interest expense of $3.2Bil in its US Consumer Services segment, flat vs. 2Q16. International Consumer and Network Services total revenues were $1.4Bil, up 1%. Global Commercial Services total revenues were $2.6Bil, up 3% vs. 2Q16. Global Merchant Services total revenues were $1.2Bil.

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$AXP expects to deliver EPS of between $5.60-5.80 in 2017. The company has received approval to return an additional $4.4Bil to shareholders over the next four quarters through share repurchases.

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In 2Q17, $AXP posted consolidated total revenues, net of interest expense, of $8.3Bil, up 1% from 2Q16. Excluding business from the discontinued relationship and the impact of FX rates, adjusted revenues net of interest expense grew 8%. These increases primarily reflected higher net interest income and higher adjusted Card Member spending.

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$AXP reported a 33% decrease in 2Q17 earnings. Net income was $1.3Bil or $1.47 per share versus $2Bil or $2.10 per share in 2Q16. 2Q16 included results related to the now-discontinued Costco US relationship, a gain of $1.1Bil from the sale of the related loan portfolio, and a $232MM restructuring charge. Diluted EPS fell 30% in 2Q17.

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$AXP received no objection from the Federal Reserve for its adjusted capital plan. The plan included lifting of its quarterly dividend to 35 cents per share beginning with 3Q17 dividend declaration, and repurchasing of up to $4.4Bil of common shares during the period of 3Q17 to 2Q18.

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$AXP expects some modest headwinds later in the year from regulatory issues, which will have a billing impact on revenue or profit. For 2017, the company expects adjusted revenue growth to be in 5-6% range. If the corporate tax is lowered in the U.S., $AXP expects to benefit from it.

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$AXP said that its attrition rates are modest and stable. For all of its businesses, the attrition rates are in the low-single digits on an annualized basis. The company expects rewards cost to continue to grow for the next couple of quarters, mostly in platinum cards.

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$AXP expects to deliver 2017 EPS outlook of $5.60-5.80. In 1Q17, U.S. Consumer Services segment revenue decreased 8% to $3Bil, International Consumer and Network Services was up 5%, Global Commercial Services grew 3% and Global Merchant Services revenue declined 2%. During 1Q17, $AXP acquired 2.6MM new cards across the global issuing businesses.

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$AXP American Express Company Earnings AlphaGraphics: Q1 2017 Highlights

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$AXP reported a 13% drop in 1Q17 profit, hurt by the discontinuation of co-brand partnerships. Net income attributable to common shareholders fell to $1.2Bil or $1.34 per share from $1.4Bil or $1.45 per share a year ago. Revenues, net of interest expense, were down 2% at $7.9Bil. Provision for losses hiked 55% to $294MM.

$NAVI {{ '2017-04-05T12:08:24+0000' | timeago}} • Announcement

Asset management and business processing solutions company $NAVI announced the appointment of EVP of $AXP, David Yowan, to its BoD.

$AXP {{ '2017-03-22T13:18:54+0000' | timeago}} • Announcement

$AXP Global Commercial Payments said Andy Nicholas has joined as VP and General Manager, Global Business Development, International. Ken Sebastian has joined as VP, Global Business Development, US.

$V {{ '2017-02-02T21:28:00+0000' | timeago}} • Announcement

$V, which competes with $MA and $AXP, reported a 7% increase in 1Q17 earnings, helped by higher revenues and growth in payments volume as well as processed transactions. GAAP net income was $2.1Bil or $0.86 per share compared to $1.94Bil or $0.80 per share in 1Q16. Operating revenue rose 25% to $4.5Bil. Adjusted net income and EPS, both grew 23%.

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