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$HP 3Q15 PR: 4Q15 Outlook: In the international land segment, HP expects revenue days in 4Q15 to be sequentially down by 10-15%. Excluding the impact from early termination revenue and also as compared to 3Q15, the average rig margin per day is expected to decline by approx. 30-35%.

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$HP acquired Magnetic Variation Services LLC (MagVAR). Founded in 2010, MagVAR will maintain its headquarters in Westminster, Colorado. $HP closed its acquisition of MOTIVE Drilling Technologies Inc. in June 2017.

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$HP Helmerich & Payne Inc. Earnings AlphaGraphic: Q4 2017 Highlights

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As of Nov. 16, 2017, $HP said its existing fleet includes 350 land rigs in the U.S., 38 international land rigs, and eight offshore platform rigs. The company’s global fleet has a total of 388 land rigs, including 373 AC drive FlexRigs.

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$HP expects 2018 capital expenditures of $250-300MM and depreciation to decline by about 4% to about $560MM. General and administrative expenses are expected to increase by about 9% to about $165MM.

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$HP said International Land operations had a operating loss in 4Q17 compared to profit last quarter. This was due to the absence of retroactive revenues included in the previous quarter, which favorably impacted 3Q by about $10.7MM due to the effect of a customer's withdrawal of an early termination notice.

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$HP said segment operating income for Offshore operations for 4Q17 decreased 22% sequentially primarily as a result of adjustments to self-insurance reserve charges related to management contracts during 4Q. Management contracts on customer-owned platform rigs contributed about $2.5 million to the segment's operating income.

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$HP said segment operating loss for U.S. Land operations for 4Q17 narrowed by $4MM sequentially. This was due to an increase in quarterly revenue days and a higher average rig margin per day. This was offset by non-cash charges for abandonments of used drilling rig components related to rig upgrades.

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$HP reported a narrower loss in 4Q17 driven by higher revenue. Net loss narrowed to $22.5MM or $0.21 per share from $72.8MM or $0.68 per share last year. Operating revneue grew to $532.3MM from $331.7MM. Results were dominated by oil price uncertainty and set expectations for a substantial rig count reduction for the balance of 2017.

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$HP VP and CFO Juan Pablo Tardio will retire from the company in June of 2018.

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$HP agreed to buy MOTIVE Drilling Technologies for $75MM payable at closing and up to an additional $25MM in potential earnout payments based on future performance during the next few years. The transaction is pending and is expected to close in June 2017.

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$HP's 2Q17 US Land segment revenue decreased 5.24% to $330.96MM in 2Q17 compared to a year ago. Offshore segment revenue on the other hand increased 5.53% to $36.23MM. However, International Land segment revenue declined drastically by 32.32% YoY to $34.75MM.

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$HP expects its international land & offshore market outlook to remain weak for the near future. For 3Q17, U.S. Land Operations quarterly revenue days (QRD) is expected to be up about 25% sequentially. In Offshore Operations $HP expects QRD to decline by approx. 10-15%, while International Land Operations QRD is expected to be down by approx. 10%.

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Petroleum contract drilling company $HP swung to a loss in 2Q17, hurt by lower revenue in US Land and International Land segments. Net loss was $48.81MM or $0.45 loss per share compared to a net income of $21.2MM or $0.19 per share a year ago. Operating revenue declined 7.51% to $405.28MM in the quarter.

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Driller $HP announced that Kevin G. Cramton and José R. Mas were appointed to the company’s BoD effective March 1, 2017. Mr. Mas has been the CEO of $MTZ since April 2007, while Mr. Cramton is an operating partner at HCI Equity Partners, a private equity firm.

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$HP's US Land segment revenue decreased 29% to $263.6MM in 1Q17 vs. the prior year quarter. Offshore and International Land segment's revenue decreased 19% and 5%, respectively. CEO John Lindsay said that the outlook has been improving in US Land drilling market, resulting in increased activity levels and market share over the last few months.

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For its largest segment U.S. land, $HP expects revenue days (activity) to increase by roughly 30-35% during 2Q17 compared to 1Q17. In the offshore segment, the company expects revenue days to decrease by approx. 10% compared to 1Q17. In the international land segment, revenue days are expected to decline by approx. 38% for 2Q17.

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$HP reported a swing to a loss in 1Q17, hurt by lower revenue in all the three segments. Net loss was $35MM or $0.33 per share compared to net income of $16MM or $0.15 per share in 1Q16. Operating revenue declined 24% to $369MM in the recently ended quarter.

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$HP's total depreciation for FY17 is expected to decline to about $525MM, while G&A expenses are expected be about $140MM. The decline in depreciation expense estimate is related mainly to the low level of CapEx during FY16 and FY17.

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$HP said the company's backlog in 4Q16 remain strong, with a backlog of $1.8Bil as at Sept. 30, 2016. FY17 capital expenditure is expected to be about $200MM, of which 30% is expected to be related to maintenance CapEx and tubulars and the rest mostly related to upgrade of company's existing fleet.

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In the U.S. land segment, $HP expects revenue days (activity) to increase by roughly 20% during 1Q17. In the international land segment, it expects revenue days to decrease by approximately 5%. Capital expenditures for FY17 are expected to be roughly $200MM.

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