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Robert Moskow from Credit Suisse asks about drivers of synergies for FY17. $TSN said the biggest factor so far has been operational improvements in the legacy Tyson prepared foods business. Moving forward, procurement synergies will become a larger component and the synergy capture will move more from the operational into the procurement component.

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$TSN appointed $HPE CIO Scott Spradley as its CTO, effective June 26, 2017. Spradley will be part of $TSN's enterprise leadership team, reporting directly to CEO Tom Hayes. Devin Graham, who served as interim CTO, will remain with the company as VP, technology and support and help Spradley transition to his new role.

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$TSN completed the acquisition of AdvancePierre Foods Holdings, Inc. for approx. $4.2Bil. The company completed a tender offer to buy all the outstanding shares of common stock of AdvancePierre for $40.25 per share in cash, without interest. AdvancePierre generated revenues of $1.6Bil in 2016.

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The Board of Directors of $TSN declared a quarterly dividend of $0.225 per share on Class A common stock and $0.2025 per share on Class B common stock, payable on September 15, 2017, to shareholders of record on September 1, 2017.

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$TSN stated that as it relates to the synergies on Hillshire acquisition, the company backed it down to $675MM from $700MM because there is going to be more carryover into 2018. Regarding the Colorado storm impact, $TSN commented that anything it sees currently is built into its outlook.

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$TSN said that for 2018, on the earnings outlook, the company will continue to grow where it wants to grow; value added vs. commodity, both on Chicken and Prepared Foods. The Core 9 also continues to do well. Additionally, the products $TSN is focused on at Food Service, the Focus 5 products are doing well in broadline distribution.

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$TSN Tyson Foods AlphaGraphics: Q2 2017 highlights

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Before considering the potential impacts of the AdvancePierre acquisition $TSN expects its FY17 sales to be flat compared to FY16 as it grows sales volume across each segment, offset by the impact of lower beef prices. $TSN also expects its FY17 sales to be impacted by the timing of closing these transactions.

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For 2017, $TSN reiterated its adjusted EPS guidance in the range of $4.90-5.05, representing a 12% increase from adjusted EPS of FY16. The company also expects the acquisition of AdvancePierre Foods Holdings, Inc. to close during 3Q17.

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$TSN's segment sales in 2Q17 declined in the Beef and Prepared Foods segments by 3.1% and 0.8% respectively, while Pork and Chicken segments posted sales increases of 10.9% and 4.3% respectively. However, all segments reported a YoY decline in volume for 2Q17.

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Food company $TSN posted a slump in 2Q17 earnings, driven by higher cost of sales and lower operating income. Net income for the quarter declined 21.29% to $340MM or $0.92 per share from $432MM or $1.10 per share a year ago. Revenue declined marginally by $0.94% to $9.08Bil. Excluding items, $TSN earned $1.01 per share.

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$TSN and $APFH entered into a definitive merger agreement whereby a subsidiary of $TSN will launch a tender offer to buy all of $APFH's outstanding common shares for $40.25 per share in cash. The total enterprise value of the transaction, which has been approved by BoD of both companies, is about $4.2Bil. The offer will close in 3Q17.

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$TSN plans to sell its three non-protein businesses as part of its corporate strategy. The company believes that the sale of Sara Lee Frozen Bakery, the Kettle and Van’s businesses will allow it to focus on core businesses.

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$TSN appointed Justin Whitmore to the newly-created role of Chief Sustainability Officer. This follows $TSN's recent introduction of a new purpose and strategy that place sustainability at the center of the company's future plans. The appointment is effective May 1.

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$TSN CEO Tom Hayes outlined his vision for how the company will shape the future of food. Speaking at the 2017 Consumer Analyst Group of New York (CAGNY) Conference, Hayes said the company is strong today and will lead for tomorrow by growing its portfolio of protein-packed brands and delivering sustainable food at scale.

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$TSN unveiled a proven, new enterprise leadership team to propel the company forward and accelerate growth. $TSN announced the departure of Donnie King, President North American Operations; Sara Lilygren, EVP Corporate Affairs; and Gary Cooper, CIO. These will be effective over a period of months to allow sufficient time for a seamless transition.

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The BoD of $TSN declared a quarterly dividend of $0.225 per share on Class A common stock and $0.2025 per share on Class B common stock. Both the dividends are payable on June 15, 2017, to shareholders of record as of June 1, 2017.

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$TSN Tyson Foods Earnings AlphaGraphics: Q1 2017 Highlights

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$TSN will be making investments for the future in terms of growth. The company is demonstrating growth on value-added products versus the commodity elements of its portfolio. $TSN is investing heavily in Chicken and Prepared Foods. $TSN is guiding to a range of 12-15% EPS growth for 2017 and expects high single digit EPS growth going forward.

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$TSN's sales volume across all segments rolled up to 2.4% growth in 1Q17. The retail channel showed the most volume growth versus 1Q16 with a 6.6% increase. Despite the deflationary pricing environment, dollar sales were up 2% for $TSN in total.

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In 1Q17, in $TSN’s Chicken segment, operating income was $263MM with 9.7% operating margin. Average price was up 1.4% and volume was up 1.3%. Value added volume was up 5% while commodity volume declined. The Chicken segment is expected to be in the upper end of the normalized range of 9-11% return on sales for 2017.

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