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For 1Q16, $ADBE's Subscription revenue rose 50% to $1.07Bil vs. $713MM in 1Q15, while Product revenues fell approx. 30% to $201MM vs. $290MM in 1Q15. The company posted increased revenue in the Services and Support segment of 6.6% to $111.97MM vs. $104.96MM during 1Q15.

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$ADBE to personalize in-car experience by bringing in digital marketing into the car. Adobe Experience Cloud, which is already used by the 10 largest automakers in the world, will understand the drive time behavior, give personalized in-car content, and serve targeted audio ads. Adobe expects in-car digital services to open up new revenue sources.

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$MSFT and $ADBE extend their partnerships around their cloud services Microsoft Teams and Adobe Sign. Microsoft Teams, which competes with Slack, will be the preferred collaboration service for the Adobe's cloud services. Adobe Sign will become the preferred e-signature tool for Microsoft. The first integrations are expected in the coming weeks.

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$ADBE announced new voice analytics capabilities in Adobe Analytics Cloud that enable brands to deliver more customer experiences. Through Adobe Analytics Cloud, brands can capture and analyze voice data for all major platforms including $AMZN's Alexa, $AAPL's Siri, $GOOG's Google Assistant, $MSFT's Cortana and Samsung Bixby.

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$ADBE said it acquired the SkyBox technology from VR software developer Mettle. The Skybox toolset, designed for post-production in Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Adobe After Effects CC, complements Adobe Creative Cloud’s existing 360/VR cinematic production technology. Mettle co-founder Chris Bobotis will be joining Adobe.

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$ADBE expects its total revenue to be up 23% year-over-year for FY17, an increase from the prior target. Scaling of adobe.com over the past several years has contributed to improved margins, the company added.

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$ADBE expects its revenue and EPS to grow sequentially from 3Q17 to 4Q17. Major customer wins in 2Q17 included $BBY, $CSCO, $MS and $VZ. In Experience Cloud business, mobile data transactions grew to 57% of total Adobe Analytics transactions in the recently ended quarter.

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$ADBE, the creator of the image-editing software Photoshop, exceeded the $1Bil mark for Creative product revenue for the first time in 2Q17, which grew 34% year-over-year. Creative Cloud growth was driven by healthy net-new subscriptions, strong retention and positive trends in the average revenue per user (ARPU).

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$ADBE Adobe Systems Inc. Earnings AlphaGraphics: Q2 2017 highlights

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$ADBE's Digital Media segment, which accounted for 68% of its total revenue in 2Q17, grew 29% annually to $1.21Bil. Digital Marketing unit revenue grew 25% to $516.7MM. Geographically, both Americas and EMEA revenue increased 25%, and Asia grew 36% in the recently ended quarter.

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For 3Q17, $ADBE anticipates revenue to be around $1.815Bil, GAAP EPS to be about $0.72 and non-GAAP EPS to be around $1. Adobe expects revenue for Digital Media, its largest segment, to grow around 26% and Adobe Experience Cloud revenue is expected to increase about 25% year-over-year.

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Digital media and marketing software firm $ADBE continued its strong performance in 2Q17 by reporting a 53% increase in its profit. Net income was $374.4MM and EPS was $0.75, exceeding the outlook of $0.66. Revenue was at $1.77Bil, which also exceeded the outlook of around $1.73Bil for the recently ended quarter. Non-GAAP EPS soared 43% to $1.02.

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$ADBE saw good strength across each of its groups in Creative Cloud during 1Q17. The company saw good SMB demand. $ADBE had a good quarter in the EMEA region. Acrobat had a strong unit quarter that is reflected in Creative Cloud and Document Cloud. $ADBE also saw good progress on retention and new unit adoption.

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For 2Q17, $ADBE is targeting revenue of approx. $1.73Bil. The company expects to achieve approx. $290MM of net new Digital Media ARR in 2Q17. $ADBE expects Digital Media segment YoY revenue growth of approx. 24% and Marketing Cloud YoY revenue growth of approx. 26%. EPS is expected to be approx. $0.66 in 2Q17.

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In 1Q17, $ADBE’s Document Cloud revenue was $196MM. Mobile data transactions grew to 56% of total analytical transactions in 1Q17. Total data transactions in 1Q17 grew to 41.3 trillion.

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$ADBE exited 1Q17 with over $4.25Bil of Digital Media annualized recurring revenue (ARR). The net ARR increase in 1Q17 was $265MM and was driven by continued strength in the Creative Cloud business. In 1Q17, Creative Cloud ARR growth was driven by strong performance in the SMB segment and international growth along with retention of subscribers.

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$ADBE Adobe Systems Incorporated Earnings AlphaGraphics: Q1 2017 Highlights

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In 1Q17, $ADBE’s Digital Media segment revenue was $1.14Bil, with Creative revenue growing to $942MM. Adobe Marketing Cloud achieved record revenue of $477MM.

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$ADBE reported an increase in 1Q17 earnings helped by higher revenues. Net income was $398MM or $0.80 per share compared to $254MM or $0.50 per share in 1Q16. Total revenues rose to $1.68Bil from $1.38Bil last year.

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$ADBE's BoD elected Shantanu Narayen as Chairman. Narayen will continue in his role as President and CEO of $ADBE and succeeds Co-Chairs and Co-Founders, John Warnock and Chuck Geschke, who will remain on the Board. Board member Jim Daley has been named Lead Director to ensure continued sound corporate governance.

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$ADBE's BoD approved a new stock repurchase program granting the company authority to repurchase up to $2.5Bil in common stock through the end of FY19. The program is similar to its previous program authorizing the repurchase of up to $2Bil in common stock through FY17, which authority will soon be exhausted.

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