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Atlanta, Georgia-based replacement parts distributor $GPC reported sales of $15.2Bil in 2015. Net income was $706MM, down just under 1% and EPS was $4.63. The currency impact was $0.14. In 2015, $GPC saw a slowdown in its Industrial and Electric businesses and had an unfavorable currency exchange impact primarily on the Automotive business.

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$GPC Executive Chairman Thomas C. Gallagher will retire as an executive officer and employee of the company, effective June 30, 2017. Mr. Gallagher will continue to serve as non-executive chairman of the board following his retirement.

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$GPC's BoD has elected Sidney Jones to the position of SVP of Investor Relations. Jones has been with the company for 27 years and was previously VP of Investor Relations. Meanwhile, the BoD of $GPC declared a regular quarterly cash dividend of $0.675 per common share, payable on July 3, 2017 to shareholders of record on June 9, 2017.

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$GPC said that about 75% of its auto business is currently DIFM commercial, while 25% is DIY retail. There are number of initiatives in play to drive additional retail business through stores, the company added.

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$GPC said the declining used vehicle pricing will not have any significant impact on its business. The company does not anticipate any shift in the market due to declining used vehicle pricing and believes it will not impact the scrap rate. Scrap rate is a key metric that the company looks at to measure its automotive business.

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$GPC Genuine Parts Company Earnings AlphaGraphics: Q1 2017 highlights

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$GPC announced an acquisition for its U.S. Automotive Parts Group. $GPC agreed to buy Merle's Automotive Supply, with an effective close date of May 1, 2017. The addition of Merle's will consolidate into our U.S. automotive operations and is expected to generate about annual revenues of $45MM.

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For FY17, $GPC anticipates sales to be up by approx. 3-4%. The company lifted its guidance for diluted EPS to $4.75-4.85 compared to initial outlook of $4.70-4.80.

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Distributor of auto replacement parts $GPC's 1Q17 earnings rose 1.3%, helped by 5% increase in revenue. Net income during the quarter rose to $160.2MM from $158MM during 1Q16. Diluted EPS rose 3% YoY to $1.08 from $1.05 during prior year quarter. Revenue rose to $3.91Bil compared to $3.72Bil in 1Q16.

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$GPC's  Electrical/Electronic Materials Group acquired  Empire Wire and Supply (Empire), effective April 1, 2017. Empire is an innovative provider of custom cable assemblies and distributor of network, electrical, automation and safety products. Empire is expected to generate annual revenues of approx $65MM. The deal value was not disclosed.

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$GPC Genuine Parts Company Earnings AlphaGraphics: Q4 2016 Highlights

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$GPC said in terms of its 2017 auto growth outlook of 3-4%, the growth would be stronger on the international side than the US, and this assumes core growth of 3-4%. There is a slight currency headwind built into this outlook. $GPC believes there is expansion potential in the Australia, New Zealand and Mexico markets.

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$GPC expects core growth of 2-3% for 2017. In the distribution business, a core growth of 2-3% makes it difficult to leverage or have margin improvement which is why the company is giving an earnings number of plus 2-5%. The longer-term objective is to achieve a higher core growth of 4-6% going forward.

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In 4Q16, $GPC’s Industrial sales were up 4% and comparable sales increased slightly. In the Electrical Distribution segment, EIS, sales were essentially flat in 4Q16. The Office Products Group reported a 4% increase in sales for 4Q16, driven by a 12% sales contribution from acquisitions.

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For 4Q16, $GPC’s global Automotive sales were up 2.4% and comparable sales were up approx. 1%. In the US, sales were up slightly in 4Q16. The international automotive businesses in Australasia, Canada and Mexico posted an 8% local currency increase in 4Q16. In Australia and New Zealand, sales improved by low double digits.

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$GPC's BoD lifted cash dividend for 2017 to an annual rate of $2.70 per share from the previous dividend of $2.63 per share. The quarterly cash dividend of $0.675 per share is payable April 3, 2017 to shareholders of record March 10, 2017.

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$GPC is establishing its full year 2017 sales guidance at up 3-4%. Diluted EPS is expected to be $4.70-4.80.

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$GPC reported a decline in 4Q16 earnings. Net income was $152.5MM or $1.02 per share compared to $161.3MM or $1.07 per share for 4Q15. Sales were $3.78Bil, a 3% increase compared to last year.

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The BoD of $GPC declared a regular quarterly cash dividend of $0.6575 per share on its common stock. This dividend is payable on January 3, 2017 to shareholders of record as of December 9, 2016.

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$GPC saw low single digit decreases in its major accounts and fleet businesses during 3Q16. Major accounts business is a significant part of the overall wholesale business accounting for about $2Bil in sales. The auto care center business was down slightly YoverY. The company is seeing softness in its heavy duty truck business.

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$GPC said gross margin was up 17BP for the nine-month period in 2016. This was driven partly by customer and product mix in automotive and also some positive product mix shift in office. GM was also impacted by acquisitions during this period.

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