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Eric Sheridan of UBS asks about small and medium sized business opportunity at Facebook. $FB COO Sheryl Sandberg said that SMBs are turning to Facebook pages as their mobile solution, as most of these businesses don't have web presence or is finding it expensive to create an app.

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$FB's average revenue per user  during 2Q17 trends upwards across the world, yet the majority of the revenue was contributed by US and Canada. which rose 35% to $19.38 much higher when compared to $4.73 from worldwide.

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$FB's ad revenue for 2Q17 rose 47% YoY to $9.16Bil. This growth rate is more than double of what Google generated in 2Q17. FB's rival and online advertising competitor $GOOG reported 19% increase in ad revenue from Google for 2Q17.

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$FB, that plans to monetize its 1.2Bil user Messenger app, posted 71% growth in 2Q17 earnings, due to increase in mobile ad sales. Net income rose to $3.89Bil from $2.28Bil in 2Q16. Diluted EPS rose 69% to $1.32 from $0.78. User activity continues to grow, as daily active users rose 17% YoY to 1.32Bil and monthly active users rose 17%  to 2.01Bil.

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$FB Facebook Earnings AlphaGraphics: Q2 2017 highlights

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$FB had long warned investors that the revenue growth in 2017 is going to slow, yet the company posted 45% revenue growth in 2Q17 to $9.32Bil. Mobile advertising revenue represented approx. 87% of the advertising revenue during the quarter.

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$INTU appointed Deborah Liu to its BoD. Liu, currently leads $FB's developer and commerce businesses and has spent the last 15 years in product management. Liu is a seed investor and advisor to many start-ups. She co-founded and is the Board Chair of Women in Product.

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$DISCA $DISCB $DISCK said that it is building stronger relationships with $FB and Snapchat. The company's one minute videos have got over 4Bil views. $DISCA added that it is the number one or two video provider for news on Facebook. The company is experimenting with Facebook and Snapchat in different ways to monetize those videos.

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Being a content maker, $CBS said that it wants to sell the content and it likes to make different deals with $FB and $TWTR. The company added that it already has got some existing deals with $FB and $TWTR. $CBS believes that the combination with Facebook and Twitter will be a new source of revenue for it.

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$FB stated that the gender bias issue came up due to a study conducted by a former employee with incomplete data. The company conducted its own research and found the discrepancy was because the data was not correlated with gender but with level. $FB said it is promoting men and women at the same rate.

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$FB stated that Impression growth was 32% in 1Q17 and this was a bit slower versus previous quarters. The company decided to rank longer-form video higher in NewsFeed and this came at the expense of some Impression growth in NewsFeed. Periodically $FB makes changes to the product which is likely to impact metrics.

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$FB said on the content front, it is investing in starting an ecosystem for longer-form content and this involves working with content providers to develop the content. The company expects it to be a revenue-share model on the platform and so it will have a different margin profile than the core Facebook NewsFeed.

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$FB expects ad revenue growth rates to come down over the course of 2017. The company expects ad load to play a less significant factor in driving revenue growth after mid-2017. Desktop ad revenue growth rates are also expected to slow in 3Q17. Payments and other fees revenue is expected to decline in 2017. Capex will be $7-7.5Bil for 2017.

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In 1Q17, $FB’s advertising growth in Rest of World and Asia-Pacific were strongest, coming in at 66% and 60% respectively. Europe and North America both grew at 47%. Mobile ad revenue was $6.7Bil, up 58%. Desktop ad revenue grew 22% despite a decline in desktop usage. Average price per ad increased 14%.

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During 1Q17, $FB launched a new set of cameras with masks, frames and filters and developed computer vision tools to apply painting styles to a photo or video. This is part of making the camera the first augmented reality platform. $FB also rolled out Messenger Day and Facebook Stories. Instagram Stories has more than 200MM daily active users.

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In 1Q17, $FB’s advertising revenue grew 51% to $7.9Bil YoY. $FB is focusing on building communities and to help build a safe community, the company launched Community Health, a tool that allows people to give and get basic necessities in the wake of natural disasters. Over the next year, $FB will add 3,000 people to its community operations team.

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$FB Facebook Earnings AlphaGraphics: Q1 2017 highlights

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Social network $FB's daily active users (DAUs) were up 18% to 1.28Bil on average at March 2017. Monthly active users (MAUs) were 1.94Bil as of March 31, 2017, up 17% year-over-year. Cash and cash equivalents and marketable securities were $32.31Bil at the end of 1Q17.

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Total revenue at $FB soared 49% to $8.03Bil in 1Q17, as the social media giant's net income jumped 76% to $3.06Bil from last year's $1.74Bil. Earnings rose 73% to $1.04 per diluted share from $0.60 a share, while Facebook's capital expenditures were $1.27Bil for the quarter.

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Instagram, a subsidiary of $FB and rival to $SNAP, announced that its member base has touched 700MM. Its growth rate was the highest during the addition of the last 100MM members. Its latest feature, Instagram Stories, has over 200MM daily active users.

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$FB announced that users can now share their locations on its Messenger platform using the "Live Location" feature. When this feature is enabled, a user can share their location live with others for an hour. This is rolling out globally and will be available on both iOS and Android.

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