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$FIT said the company continues to be comfortable with its store count in the US and Canada and are predominantly focused on driving more volume through these outlets to the retail partners. in EMEA devices sold were up 100% YoverY, reflecting continued progress in many key European markets.

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Path forward for the wearable king - As a belated product of the company, 'Fitbit Ionic', the first-ever smartwatch of $FIT has been launched after three key acquisitions (Coin, Pebble and Vector) in the last two years. Notably, IDC expects that the wearables market will be doubled by 2021 with Smartwatch shipments increasing from 71.4MM to 161MM units in 2021.

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Calling it a historic launch, wearables maker $FIT has unveiled ‘Fitbit Ionic’, its first health and fitness smartwatch. Fitbit Ionic joins the smartwatch club along with $AAPL (Apple Watch) and $GRMN. Priced at $299.95, Fitbit Ionic is expected to hit the stores in October 2017.

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$MA is bringing its contactless payment to Fitbit Ionic. Fitbit Ionic is the first smartwatch launched by $FIT, expected to be available in October. Users can load their eligible cards onto the smartwatch as they do in a normal digital wallet. One can pay by tapping the device near a contactless terminal at more than 6.6MM locations globally.

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While IDC expects the wearables market growth to be doubled by 2021, $FIT pledged that its upcoming unnamed smartwatch will focus on Fitbit’s core DNA - health and fitness. The smartwatch, which is expected to launch this fall, will also have other vital features like GPS tracking, water resistance and easy-to-use software kit.

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$FIT stated that “growth comparisons will not be truly aligned until 1Q18”, because of two new product launches in 1H16 and higher inventories in 2H16. In previous earnings call, the fitness company stated that it is undergoing transition by entering new areas such as Smartwatch market (valued over $10Bil now) and providing premium software and services to customers.

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$FIT, which is in the process of overhauling its business, generated revenue of $353.3MM in the second quarter of 2017, down 40% from a year ago.  GAAP operating expenses declined 10% to $213MM. Fitbit's revenue from US nosedived 55% to $199MM.

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Wearables on race - After the global launch of Alta HR in March-end, the wearable king $FIT’s unit shipments plunged 40% YoY to 3.4MM in 2Q17. A recent IDC report says that Fibit’s global market share in 1Q17 has come down to 12.3% from 23.2% in 1Q16 citing the tough competition in wearables market, especially from the big boys $AAPL and Xiaomi.

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$FIT commented that on foreign exchange and its impact, the company had an impact of about $9MM on its reported revenue in EMEA for 1Q17. Overall for the financial, looking at all the foreign jurisdictions, it was about $5MM.

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$FIT's new product introductions are on track and the business is going as planned. Alta HR as a percentage of revenue for 1Q17 was under 20% and the shipments, since it is a channel for new products, were substantially less than a year ago.

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For 2Q17, $FIT anticipates revenue of $330MM to $350MM, and a non-GAAP net loss of $0.14 to $0.17 per share. For 2017, the company projects revenue of $1.5Bil to $1.7Bil, and a net loss per share of $0.44 to $0.22 on a non-GAAP basis.

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$FIT said that for 1Q17, it sold 3MM devices, down 37.5% from 4.8MM in 1Q16. The company also reported that 36% of the activations in the quarter came from customers who made repeat purchases. New products introduced in the last 12 months, Fitbit Charge 2, Fitbit Alta HR, and Fitbit Flex 2 represented 84% of revenue.

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Wearable fitness-tracking devices maker $FIT reported a net loss of $60.07MM or $0.27 per share for 1Q17, compared to a net income of $11MM or $0.05 per share in the year ago quarter. On a non-GAAP basis, the company reported net loss of $0.15 per share. Revenue for the quarter declined 40.85% YoY to $298.9MM.

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$FIT said that it will see the biggest downdraft in the US in terms of sell-in. EMEA has continued to be a strong growth market for the company and expects it to continue to grow in 2017 also. In Asia-Pac, $FIT is looking for just stability and to be somewhere in the neighborhood of flat YonY.

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$FIT said that on the competitive pressure, the company has 81% market share in the wearables business. The company is not seeing any material impact from competitors. $FIT also added that the challenge for the company is how to reignite growth itself.

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$FIT expects 2017 gross margin to range from 42.5-44% and operating margin is expected to trough in 1H17 and improve in 2H17, as the company rolls out additional product offerings. Additionally, $FIT expects 2017 free cash flow of approx. negative $50MM to negative $100MM.

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$FIT said that for FY16, R&D cost increased 107%, representing 13% of revenue, driven mainly by the growth in engineering resources. CapEx in 4Q16 was $12MM, totaling $79MM for the full year. The largest portion of spend was represented by tooling equipment to support the roll-out of the four new product introductions.

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