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David Chu of BofA/ML enquires about the business environment. $FDS said it feels good about its product offering and client base. The company feels positive about the prospects and new businesses and also the add-on potential across its current client base. $FDS has an expanding product suite and believes it is well-positioned with its clients.

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The BoD of $FDS approved a regular quarterly cash dividend of $0.56 per share. The dividend will be paid on Sept. 19, 2017 to stockholders of record of its common stock at the close of business on Aug. 31, 2017.

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$FDS, a provider of integrated financial information, has integrated Liquidnet’s Broker Vote and Commission Management System with FactSet’s Research Management Solutions (RMS). Now, firms can track the research they have consumed, the value they derive from it, and all relevant interactions around an investment decision in FactSet RMS.

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$FDS is primarily focused on getting the recent acquisitions integrated well and getting back to the margins it had prior to the M&A activity. The company is focused on revenue growth as the most important factor. $FDS believes that once investments have been made in all the high-growth areas, it can evaluate opportunities to expand margins.

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$FDS continues to invest in its core workstation product. The company is experiencing pricing pressure in the market due to competition. $FDS is growing its terminals but the pricing pressure is higher and the company is offsetting this with more sales of value-added products.

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$FDS' US revenues grew 5% organically in 3Q17, with most of this increase primarily coming from the Analytics and Data Feeds products. International revenues increased 8% on an organic basis with strong performance from the Asia-Pacific region.

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During 3Q17, $FDS’ organic revenues and organic ASVs grew 6% YoY. Adjusted operating margin was 32%. The results were impacted by cost pressures within the industry as clients seek to lower their total cost of ownership. $FDS sees this as an opportunity to partner with clients and help them leverage technology to optimize costs.

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$FDS repurchased 300,000 shares for $48.3MM during 3Q17 under its existing share repurchase program. Over the last 12 months, FactSet has returned $458MM to stockholders in the form of share repurchases and dividends. As of May 31, 2017, $288.2MM is available for future share repurchases.

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For 4Q17, $FDS sees GAAP Revenues in the range of $321-328MM. GAAP EPS is expected to be $1.67-1.73 and adjusted EPS in the range of $1.86-1.92. The midpoint of the adjusted EPS range represents 12% growth over the prior year. GAAP operating margin is anticipated between 28% and 29%.

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Client count for $FDS as of May 31, 2017 was 4,629, an increase of 225 clients in the past three months. This increase includes 117 new clients from the acquisitions of BISAM and FDSG. User count grew 237 to 86,025 during the quarter and annual client retention was greater than 95% of Annual Subscription Value.

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$FDS' Annual Subscription Value (ASV) improved 5.7% to $1.28Bil at May 31, 2017, compared with prior-year ASV of $1.16Bil. ASV from US operations was $807.8MM, up 4.2% YoY; while that from international operations was $474.3MM, up 24.6% YoY.

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Financial data and software company $FDS reported 8.6% growth in 3Q17 revenue to $312.1MM, despite incurring $2.5MM of acquisition related expenses. Net income slid to $65.4MM from $66.7MM in the year-over period, but EPS grew 2.5% to $1.66 on reduced share count. Adjusted EPS for the quarter rose 12.8% to $1.85.

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$FDS BoD approved a 12% increase in the regular quarterly cash dividend from $0.50 per share to $0.56 per share. The cash dividend will be paid on June 20, 2017 to holders of record of the company's common stock at the close of business on May 31, 2017.

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$FDS performed well in Asia-Pacific in 2Q17 and this is a strong region on which the company is focused. EMEA came in strong but $FDS was slightly weaker in the Americas. From a product suite standpoint, the analytics suite had a good quarter in 2Q17. $FDS believes there is huge opportunity in its blue chip client base.

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$FDS said the shift from active to passive funds is an ongoing trend and this is more pronounced in the Americas compared to EMEA and Asia-Pacific. This is reflected in the company’s growth rate. $FDS anticipates this trend to continue but the company has a broader suite of solutions than it had historically to help mitigate some of the impact.

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In 2Q17, $FDS’ net client count increased by 143 clients to over 4,400. Net user count increased by approx. 1,500 users to over 85,000. The increase was driven by workstation deployments across wealth management as well as displacement of key competitors at large institutional clients.

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During 2Q17, $FDS’ US revenues were $192MM. Organic revenues in the US were up 6% compared to 2Q16. International revenues increased to $103MM. On an organic basis, the international growth rate was 9%. The international business continues to perform well and continues to be a growing part of the company’s overall ASV.

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For 3Q17, $FDS sees GAAP revenues at $301-307MM with an annual effective tax rate at 25.0-26.0%, resulting in a GAAP diluted EPS of $1.68 -1.74 and an adjusted diluted EPS of $1.80-1.86. GAAP operating margin is expected to be in the range of 30.0% and 31.0%. The newly-acquired BISAM is expected to add about $6MM in 3Q revenues.

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$FDS's $205.2MM acquisition of BISAM Technologies is expected to be accretive by $0.02 to adjusted diluted EPS and dilutive by $0.06 to GAAP diluted EPS for the remainder of FY17. FactSet plans to close the acquisition of Interactive Data Managed Solutions in 3Q17, and the deal is expected to have no material impact on FY17 results.

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$FDS posted an annual subscription value (ASV) of $1.19Bil at Feb. 28, 2017, up from $1.14Bil a year ago. Excluding the effects of acquisitions, dispositions and foreign currency, organic ASV grew 6.5%. The data provider's global operational realignment pushed its effective tax rate down to 25.5% for 2Q17 from 28.8% last year.

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Financial data provider $FDS posted a 1.6% dip in 2Q17 net income to $66.MM. Diluted EPS rose 3.1% to $1.68 from $1.63 a year ago, while adjusted diluted EPS went up 13.8% to $1.81. Revenues grew 4.5% to $294.4MM from last year, which includes contribution of the Market Metrics business that was sold in 4Q16. Organic revenues grew 7.0% to $291.5MM.

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