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$STI 2Q15 Call – Aleem, CFO: Adjusted noninterest expense up $34MM. Personnel costs down $15MM due to the seasonal decline in employee benefits expense, partially offset by higher costs tied to improved business performance. Adjusted noninterest expense down $24MM driven by sale of RidgeWorth & lower operating losses.

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$STZ's BoD lifted size of the board from 10 to 11 members and elected Susan Somersille Johnson to serve as a member of the board, effective July 18, 2017. Johnson is currently serving as corporate EVP and chief marketing officer of $STI.

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$STI received no objections from the Federal Reserve after completion of its capital plan review. The plan includes a 54% increase in quarterly dividend from $0.26 to $0.40 per share, beginning in 3Q17 and authorization to buyback $1.32Bil of common stock between July 1, 2017 and June 30, 2018.

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$STI elected Agnes Bundy Scanlan to its BoD. Bundy Scanlan will join 11 directors who were re-elected by shareholders for the coming year. Bundy Scanlan is currently a senior advisor for Treliant Risk Advisors, where she counsels financial services firms on regulatory, compliance, and risk management matters.

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The BoD of $STI declared a regular quarterly cash dividend of $0.26 per common share.  The dividend is payable on June 15, 2017, to shareholdersas as on May 31, 2017.

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$STI stated that the C&I loan growth for 1Q17 was highly diversified and it was related to all the investments and the strategies made by the company. It was also directly correlated to the trends on the fee-based side which results in stronger asset growth. $STI remains optimistic about this business.

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$STI believes the interest rate increases for 2017 could be due in September and this would benefit the company. For 2Q17, $STI expects a 1-2% growth in net interest margin in addition to the 9BP sequential growth delivered in 1Q17.

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Banker $STI had total assets of $205.6Bil and total shareholders' equity of $23.5Bil at 1Q17 end. Average performing loans were up 4% at $142.8Bil for 1Q17. Average consumer and commercial deposits went up 6% to $158.9Bil. STI expects to repurchase $240MM of additional common stock during 2Q17 to complete its 2016 capital plan.

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In 1Q17, the net interest income of $STI rose 6% to $1.4Bil on an FTE basis. Net interest margin was 3.09%, up five basis points. Noninterest income jumped 8% to $847MM. Transitional tier 1 capital ratio was 10.4% vs. 10.63%, while CET1 ratio was 9.69% vs. 9.90% a year ago.

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$STI posted a net income available to common shareholders in 1Q17 of $451MM or $0.91 per average common diluted share, up 5% from $430MM or $0.84 a share last year. Total revenue on an FTE basis was up 7% to $2.24Bil.

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$STI promoted Arnold Evans to a newly created position as enterprise ethics officer. In this role, Evans will further ensure that the company's business practices and risk culture are consistent with its values and purpose of Lighting the Way to Financial Well-Being. Evans will report to $STI Chief Risk Officer Jerome Lienhard.

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$STI named Allison Dukes as the new  Commercial and Business Banking executive, effective April 3. Ms. Dukes, who succeeds newly-appointed Wholesale Segment executive Hugh Cummins III, currently serves as chairman, president and CEO of the Atlanta Division of SunTrust. She will retain her position as chairman of the Atlanta Division.

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$STI appointed Hugh Cummins as Wholesale Segment Executive, succeeding Mark Chancy. Thomas Freeman is appointed as Efficiency & Strategic Partnerships Executive. Jorge Arrieta, General Auditor, will now functionally report to CEO William Rogers, while maintaining his primary reporting relationship to the Audit Committee of the Board.

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$STI appointed Mark Chancy as Vice Chairman and Consumer Segment Executive. $STI will align its consumer businesses by merging the Mortgage Segment with Consumer Banking & Private Wealth Management. Chancy, who most recently served as Wholesale Banking Executive, will lead this expanded segment.

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$STI's BoD declared a regular quarterly cash dividend of $0.26 per common share. The dividend is payable on March 15, 2017, to shareholders of record at the close of business on Feb. 28, 2017.

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$STI said that the company will continue to invest in all regulatory and compliance costs and would continue to do so in 2017. On the headcount increase of 2% linked quarter in 4Q16, $STI added that it was due to the close of the Pillar acquisition in Dec. 2016.

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$STI stated that its deposit grew in 4Q16, with average client deposits increasing 7% YoverY, driven mainly due to growth in negotiable order of withdrawal (NOW) accounts and demand deposit accounts (DDA). In 2017, $STI added that it will be focused on maintaining its deposit growth momentum.

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$STI's non-interest margin in 4Q16 declined by $74MM sequentially, mainly driven by declines in mortgage. Additionally, the company posted a $41MM increase in other non-interest income, substantially driven by higher client transaction activity.

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$STI said that 2016 marked the company's ninth consecutive year of record investment banking performance, up 7% YoverY. The company also saw net interest margin improvement of 4 BP in 4Q16, driven by higher loan yields, resulting from the increase in short term rates and a steeper yield curve.

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$STI's average consumer and commercial deposits for 4Q16 rose by 2% to $158Bil from last quarter. The sequential growth was due to a 4% increase in NOW account balances and 3% rise in demand deposits. At Dec. 31, 2016, $STI had total assets of $204.9Bil and total shareholders' equity of $23.6Bil, representing 12% of total assets.

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$STI's average performing loans for 4Q16 were $141.7Bil, a slight rise over last quarter. The sequential growth was driven by consumer other direct, guaranteed student and C&I loans. This was partially offset by declines in average consumer indirect loans and home equity products.

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