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$COST reported net sales of $35.7Bil for 4Q16, up 2% from prior year quarter. For August 2016, the company's net sales were $8.9Bil, up 2% from the comparable period last year. At the end of FY16, $COST had 715 warehouses in operation and it plans to open up to an additional 10 new warehouses before the end of calendar year 2016.

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$COST’s net sales increased 7% annually to $12.17Bil in June. Comparable store sales grew 6.5% during the month in the US and 3.2% in Canada. Other International comparable store sales were higher by 6.2% compared to June 2016. In the 44 weeks ended July 2, total sales advanced 6% from the year-ago period.

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$COST reported net sales for the month of May 2017 of $9.86Bil, up 7% from $9.23Bil in the previous year quarter. Comparable sales for the month of May increased 4.1%. For 39-week ended May 28, 2017, net sales rose 6% to $92.11Bil and comparable sales increased 3.3%.

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$COST said for low margin retailers, inflation can be slightly beneficial while deflation tends to cause a negative impact. The categories that are affected the most are fresh foods as it involves higher labor. Deflation has modified slightly but it is still impacting the company at present.

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$COST started 2017 with 14 business centers and has lined up four this year totaling 18, including the company’s first one in Canada. The company will continue to open more business centers over the coming years even though it will be lower in terms of capacity when compared to warehouses.

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For 2017, $COST has plans to open 12 new locations, leading to 26 net locations. Of the 26 locations for full-year 2017, 13 will be in the US, 6 in Canada, 1 each in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Mexico and Australia as well as the company’s first openings in Iceland and France.

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During 3Q17, $COST’s comparable sales grew 5%, helped by gasoline price inflation of about 140BP and offset by FX by about minus 60BP. Comparable sales for the US segment increased 6% and for Canada, the increase was 2%. International comparable sales grew 4% in 3Q17.

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$COST Costco Wholesale Corp. Earnings AlphaGraphics: Q3 2017 highlights

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$COST currently operates 732 warehouses, including 510 in the US and Puerto Rico, 95 in Canada, 37 in Mexico, 28 in the UK, 25 in Japan, 13 in Korea, 13 in Taiwan, eight in Australia, two in Spain and one in Iceland.  Costco also operates electronic commerce web sites in the US, Canada, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Korea and Taiwan.

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$COST reported net income of $700MM or $1.59 per share in 3Q17 compared to $545MM or $1.24 per share in 3Q16. Net income was positively impacted by an $82MM tax benefit in connection with the $7 per share special cash dividend, to the extent to be received by the company’s 401(k) plan participants. Net sales grew 8% to $28.22Bil.

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$COST priced its offering of $3.8Bil of senior unsecured notes. $COST plans to use proceeds and existing cash to pay special cash dividend of about $3.1Bil or $7.00 per share and to repay at or prior to maturity all of its 1.125% Senior Notes due Dec. 15, 2017 of $1.1Bil. The dividend is payable on May 26, to shareholders of record on May 10.

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$COST priced its offering of $3.8Bil of senior unsecured notes. The notes consist of $1Bil of 2.15% notes due May 18, 2021, $800MM of 2.30% notes due May 18, 2022, $1Bil of 2.75% notes due May 18, 2024 and $1Bil of 3.00% notes due May 18, 2027.

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$COST reported net sales of $9.42Bil for April, 2017, an increase of 5% from April, 2016. For the thirty-five weeks ended April 30, 2017, the company reported net sales of $82.24Bil, an increase of 6% from the same period last year.

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$COST BoD declared a special cash dividend of $7.00 per share on its common stock. The dividend is payable on May 26, 2017, to shareholders of record on May 10, 2017.

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$COST reported net sales of $11.64Bil in March 2017, up 9% from the same period last year. This year’s total reflects one additional sales day due to the timing of Easter, which positively impacted net and comparable sales by an estimated 1-1.5%. Total comparable sales during the period was up 6%.

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$COST announced election of Kenneth Denman to its BoD. Denman is also a member of the BoD of Mitek, Inc., $MSI, and $SHOR.

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In 2Q17, $COST spent $515MM in CapEx. The company estimates CapEx to be $2.7-2.8Bil in FY17. Costco online sales were up 12% in the recently ended quarter. The company has partnered with Google Express in five cities, operating out of 15 of the Costco US warehouses.

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In 2Q17, $COST opened four new locations, including one each in Korea and Taiwan and two in Tampa, Florida. 17 additional new locations are planned during 2H17. For all of FY17, the company plans for 29 net new locations (14 in US, 8 in Canada, one each in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Mexico, Australia, France and Iceland).

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At the end of 2Q17, $COST operates 728 warehouses. This includes 508 warehouses in the U.S. and Puerto Rico, 94 in Canada, 37 in Mexico, 28 in the U.K., 25 in Japan, 13 in Korea, 13 in Taiwan, eight in Australia and two in Spain.

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$COST hiked its annual membership fees by $5 to $60 for U.S. and Canada Goldstar, Business, and Business add-on members, effective June 1, 2017. Annual fees for Executive Memberships in the U.S. and Canada increased from $110 to $120. The fee increases will impact around 35MM members, roughly half of them being Executive Members.

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Membership retailer $COST reported a 5.6% drop in 2Q17 profit, hurt by higher expenses. Net income attributable to Costco slipped to $515MM or $1.17 per share from $546MM or $1.24 per share in the prior year quarter. Total revenue grew 5.6% to $29.8Bil and membership fees grew 5.5% to $636MM.

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