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$DIS said that Star Wars: The Force Awakens is the only film in its history to ever reach $900MM in domestic box office. The film crossed $2Bil in global box office over the weekend, more than doubling the worldwide box office for the last Star Wars released a decade ago. Global retail sales for Star Wars merchandise in 1Q16 exceeded $3Bil.

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For Consumer Products, $DIS feels really good about the lineup. $DIS has Star Wars Episode 8: The Last Jedi. $DIS deferred revenue in 4Q into 1Q like it did with Episode 7 for that. $DIS also has a Han Solo movie coming out named Solo in the spring quarters. And it has got four Marvel movies including Avengers in the spring.

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$DIS expects capital expenditures for 2018 to be about $1Bil above the 2017 level. The company said a lot of that spend is going into the completion of the two Star Wars Lands and it is also completing Toy Story Land in Orlando and there's other initiatives that are in process around the globe.

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$DIS said it has four new Marvel movies in FY18, starting with Thor: Ragnarok. This is followed by Marvel's next great movie, Black Panther, which opens next February, and The Avengers are returning back in May with the release of Infinity War. $DIS' final Marvel movie of the year, Ant-Man and the Wasp, will be in theaters next July.

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$DIS said it will continue to invest in its businesses in 2018, particularly at Parks and Resorts where the company is building two Star Wars Lands. The company expects these investments among others to drive FY18 consolidated capital expenditures higher by about $1Bil.

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So far this quarter, ESPN's cash ad sales are pacing down, due in part to timing of college football semi-finals and impact of more game windows on other linear television networks. Like last year, $DIS' ESPN will air 3 of New Year's Six bowl games during 1Q18. But, this year 2 semi-final games will air during 2Q18 whereas they aired during 1Q17.

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At $DIS' ESPN, growth in affiliate revenue was offset by higher programming costs and lower advertising revenue. Higher spending on programming was primarily driven by a contractual rate increase for the NFL. Ad revenue at ESPN was down low-single digits in 4Q17, as higher rates were more than offset by a decrease in impressions.

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$DIS said operating margins at domestic operations for 4Q17 were down 170 basis points compared to 4Q16, and it estimates they were adversely impacted by about 220 basis points due to the hurricane. $DIS estimates the hurricane had an adverse impact on the year-over-year change in domestic parks' attendance of about 3 percentage points.

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Attendance at $DIS' domestic parks was up 2% in 4Q17, reflecting favorable guest response to new attractions This is particularly Avatar Flight of Passage at Disney's Animal Kingdom and Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT, at Disney California Adventure and the unfavorable impact of the hurricane on Walt Disney World.

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Hurricane Irma disrupted $DIS' operations in Florida, forcing closure of Walt Disney World Parks for 2 days and cancellation of 3 Disney Cruise Line itineraries and the shortening of 2 others. $DIS estimates aggregate impact of hurricane was about $100MM in operating income, or about 16 point adverse impact to growth at domestic operations.

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$DIS' FY17 results came in roughly in line with last year, although they were adversely affected by: the impact of Hurricane Irma on its Parks business; the impact of canceling the animated film Gigantic; and the impact at BAMTech of a valuation adjustment to sports programming rights that were prepaid prior to the accusation.

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$FOXA $FOX refused to comment on reports suggesting that the company is in talks with $DIS on sale of its entertainment business. However, the company said it is in process of getting approval for its acquisition of Pay-TV major Sky in Britain.

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$DIS said its Studio Entertainment revenues for 4Q17 decreased 21% from last year and segment operating income fell 43%. Lower operating income was due to higher film cost impairments, lower TV/ SVOD distribution results and a lower revenue share from the Consumer Products & Interactive Media segment.

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$DIS said improvement at Disneyland Paris reflected rises in attendance, guest spending and occupied room nights, partially offset by higher costs, on the 25th Anniversary celebration, and a loss from its 50% JV interest in Villages Nature. Guest spending growth was primarily due to higher average ticket prices and food and beverage spending.

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$DIS said its Parks and Resorts revenues for 4Q17 increased 6% and segment operating income grew 7%. This reflected rise at international operations, partially offset by a decrease at domestic operations, which were unfavorably impacted by Hurricane Irma. As a result of the hurricane, Walt Disney World Resort was closed for two days.

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$DIS said its Broadcasting revenues for 4Q17 fell 11%, and operating income decreased 15%. The decline in operating income was due to lower advertising revenue and a decrease in program sales. This was partially offset by an increase in affiliate revenue, due to rate increases, and lower programming costs.

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$DIS' Cable Networks revenues for 4Q17 fell 3% from last year and operating income dropped 12%, which was due to decrease at Freeform as well as lower advertising revenue and a decrease in program sales. Results at ESPN were comparable to last year as higher programming costs and lower advertising revenue were offset by higher affiliate revenue.

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$DIS reported a 1% decline in 4Q17 earnings due to lower segment operating income and a decline in revenue. Net income fell to $1.75Bil from $1.77Bil last year, while EPS rose 3% to $1.13 on lower weighted average number of shares. Revenue tumbled 3% to $12.78Bil. Adjusted EPS declined 3% to $1.07.

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$DIS The Walt Disney Company Earnings AlphaGraphic: Q4 2017 Highlights

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$MAT said it is pleased with the performance of Cars 3. $MAT is executing this well in close partnership with $DIS and its retail partners. And despite challenges with Toys "R" Us, $MAT expects to come close to its original target. $MAT will continue to invest in to building top partnerships with $DIS, Warner Bros., Nickelodeon, Universal and WWE.

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$DIS said it would be cutting about 200 jobs. According to sources familiar with the situation, $DIS will be lashing around 200 jobs at its ABC unit as well as other cable networks, while no job cuts will be at ESPN. Following the news, the stock entered red territory and ended down 1.64% on about 11 million shares traded.

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