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Steve Powers of UBS probes on a question about $18Bil in gross to net spending, which is 27-28% of expected net revenues in 2016 & how it compares to what it was 5 or 10 years ago. $PG CFO Jon Moeller said the $18Bil has rose over time, driven in part by expansion in modern retailers on a global basis. $PG has great opportunity in that bucket.

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$PG said it continues to execute on bold productivity initiatives and plans to deliver up to $10Bil over the next five fiscal years. The company recently announced a 3% increase to its quarterly dividend, and expects total dividend payments to shareholders of more than $7Bil in FY17.

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$RL appointed Patrice Louvet as President and CEO. His appointment will become effective July 17, 2017, at which time he will also be appointed to its BoD. Louvet will dual report to Ralph Lauren in his capacity as Executive Chairman of the Board and to its BoD. Louvet most recently served as Group President, Global Beauty at $PG.

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$PG's organic sales grew 30% online in 3Q17. Ecommerce is now 5% of the company’s business meaning it is about $3Bil. It is primarily focused in the US, China and Northeast Asia, particularly Korea. China is about a $1Bil business currently and $PG expects it to be 20-30% of its business within the next 12-18 months. Korea forms 40%.

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$PG is working to improve its revenues and profits incrementally and drive productivity to facilitate reinvestment during 2017. The company believes it is on track with these objectives and aims to continue these goals for 2018.

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$PG stated that the increase in the amount of business done through ecommerce does not decrease the need for superior packaging. There are product integrity challenges created by the ecommerce logistics channel that need to be addressed. The company believes that packaging is an area that should be given proper attention.

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$PG said sales outside the US were basically flat for 3Q17. The Grooming business is solid outside the US with strong progress on the Female side of the business with Venus. The US dynamic for this business is driven by societal trends and competition.

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For $PG, beauty segment organic sales rose 1% in 3Q17. Grooming segment organic sales slumped 6%, while Health Care segment organic sales jumped 6%. Both Fabric and Home Care segment and Baby, Feminine and Family Care segment organic sales inched 1% up.

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$PG maintained its guidance for organic sales growth of 2-3% for FY17. P&G expects the combined headwinds of forex and minor brand divestitures to reduce sales growth by 2-3 percentage points. All-in GAAP EPS is touted to increase 48-50%. Adjusted free cash flow productivity is now seen at approximately 95%.

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In 3Q17, net sales for $PG were $15.6Bil, down 1%. Diluted net earnings went down 4% to $0.93 per share. Attributable net earnings slid 8% to $2.5Bil. Operating cash flow was $3.0Bil for the quarter. Adjusted free cash flow productivity was 90%.

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$PG Procter & Gamble Co. Earnings AlphaGraphics: Q3 2017 highlights

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$OMC said that the major account wins like Volkswagen, $T and $MCD are contributing to the company at this point. With regards to the timing of the wins, the company commented that $PG and AT&T were from 2Q16 and 4Q16 respectively. Volkswagen and $MCD wins were in early 2017.

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$PG BoD appointed Amy Chang, founder and CEO of Accompany, Inc., as a Director of the company. The appointment is effective June 1, 2017. Amy Chang will serve on the Audit and Innovation & Technology Committees.

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$PG said on an aggregate basis, category growth continues to decline at a modest level. Some of this decline is due to developing market dynamics associated with some of the big currency moves. The US is stable with a slight uptick in some places.

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$PG stated that pricing, inclusive of promotion, was neutral on 2Q17. The pricing environment that exists in the market currently is reflective of a more neutral FX environment. $PG is cognizant that with a broad dollar move against most currencies, its pricing flexibility will be limited, but this will form part of its business strategy.

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$PG said the strength in its Hair Care business in the US is primarily behind Head & Shoulders and Pantene, both of which are doing well. The company is seeing weakness in the balance of the portfolio in smaller brands, particularly Herbal Essence. $PG did well in markets like China and the Hair Care segment has done well in Latin America.

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$PG's e-commerce sales currently stand at $3Bil. The company believes its e-commerce business in China will reach 20% of sales and will exceed $1Bil in 2017. In Korea, e-commerce is now 40% of its business.

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During 2Q17, $PG’s core GM increased 70BP. On a constant-currency  basis, core GM was up 120BP, including 210BP of productivity improvement and a modest benefit from volume growth. Core operating margin was in line with 2Q16. On a constant-currency basis, core operating margin was up 60BP.

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$PG's organic sales grew 2% in 2Q17. This includes about 1 point drag from the rationalization of the ongoing portfolio and reduced finished products sales to the Venezuelan subsidiaries. It also includes negative impacts from Indian demonetization and difficult operating environments in markets such as Nigeria, Egypt, Turkey and Argentina.

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$PG Procter & Gamble Earnings AlphaGraphics: Q2 2017 Highlights

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$PG maintained its expectation for core EPS growth of mid-single digits versus FY16 core EPS of $3.67. All-in GAAP EPS is expected to increase 48-50% versus FY16 EPS of $3.69. FY17 GAAP EPS estimate includes about $0.12 per share of non-core restructuring costs and $0.13 per share of early debt retirement charges.

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