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$LEN's 3Q15 GM on homesales was 24.1%; on track to achieve 24% GM for FY15. Highest GM percentages were reported in East, Southeast Florida and West regions in 3Q15. $LEN is on track to achieve a 30-40 BP improvement in the combined SG&A cost in corporate G&A lines for FY15. 3Q15 SG&A percentage is the lowest for 3Q since the late 1990s.

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Following the CalAtlantic acquisition, $LEN $LEN.B said the combined company will have a top three position in 24 of the 30 largest markets in the nation with local market shares ranging from 20-40% in many markets. This local critical mass will drive huge savings, the company said.

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$LEN $LEN.B said the recently passed federal tax act has added additional momentum to the economic landscape. "While many has been concerned about the effects of the new tax law on housing with its mixed bag of impacts, initial readings and reviews suggest that it is generally stimulative to the economy," the company said.

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In 4Q17, $LEN said its orders were up 12% YoY to 7,357 homes, tallying to a total value of $2.8Bil. Meanwhile, backlog for the quarter of 8,935 homes, were up 17% over the same quarter last year.

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$LEN's revenues from home sales grew 14% in 4Q17 to $3.3Bil, as the company delivered 5% more houses at 8% higher average sales price compared to last year.

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Amidst a slow and steady housing recovery, $LEN reported 12% increase in its 4Q17 revenue to $3.79Bil, thanks to favorable interest rates and increased consumer confidence. However, net earnings witnessed a slight dip to $309.5MM, or $1.29 per share, as one of its key transactions got shifted to the upcoming quarter.

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$LEN and $CAA have agreed to a merger valued at approx. $9.3Bil, including $3.6Bil of net debt assumed. The deal is expected to close in the first calendar quarter of 2018, and generate annual cost savings and synergies of approx. $250MM, with approx. $75MM achieved in FY18.

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On $LEN's strategy for the future of its Financial Services, the company said it will maintain a fully sufficient financial services platform that benefits from Lennar homebuilding business, but drives profitability from retail operations as well.

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During 3Q17, $LEN $LEN.B redeemed the $250MM principal amount of the 6.875% senior notes due 2021. The redemption price, which was paid in cash, was 103.438% of the principal amount plus accrued but unpaid interest up to, but not including, the redemption date.

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As an indication of sound future earnings, $LEN $LEN.B said its new orders improved 8% to 7,610 homes in 3Q17, while backlog stood at 10,212 homes, up 10%.

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$LEN $LEN.B, the second largest home-builder in the US, said its net income grew to $249.2MM, or $1.06 per share in 3Q17, compared to $235.8MM, or $1.01 per share a year ago. This was primarily driven by a 12% increase in deliveries at 3.6% higher cost. Revenue jumped 15% to $3.3Bil during the quarter.

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Regarding the GM ramp in 2H17, $LEN said the ramp will be driven by the amount of field expenses that are absorbed, given the increased volume closings. Added to this, $LEN added that it enters the year with a bit lower sales pace and is able to push pricing throughout the year, which is a typical seasonal pattern.

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$LEN said it is on track with its goal of 22-22.5% GM for FY17. Additionally for 2Q17, GM percentages were the highest in the company's Homebuilding East segment. $LEN opened 86 new communities during 2Q17 and closed 102 communities to end the quarter with 736 net active communities.

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On a segment basis, $LEN believes its for-sale core homebuilding operations continue to be well positioned for the remaining of 2017. In 2Q17, new orders were up about 12% YoY, driven by a higher sales pace of 4 homes per community per month compared to 3.9 a year ago, along with a community count growth of about 6%.

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$LEN believes the business environment is positive and the governmental pro business improvement will result in job security and some tax reliefs. Looking forward into 2H17, the company expects each of its business segment to continue to grow.

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$LEN's revenue from home sales for 2Q17 increased 18% to $2.9Bil from $2.4Bil in the previous year quarter. This was primarily due to a 15% growth in the number of home deliveries, excluding unconsolidated entities, and a 3% rise in the average sales price of homes delivered.

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Homebuilder $LEN reported a decline in 2Q17 earnings due to higher costs and expenses. Net income fell to $213.6MM or $0.91 per share from $218.5MM or $0.95 per share last year. Revenue grew to $3.26Bil from $2.75Bil. The company is seeing more of a reversion to normal in housing market than slow and steady recovery pace.

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$LEN is increasing its delivery goal to between 29,500-30,000 homes for 2017. On the SG&A line, the company expects continuing improvement in the SG&A line from operating leverage and investments in technology, reducing SG&A to between 9.1-9.3% for FY17.

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